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Agreements and Disagreements: Car performance tuning.


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Before I continue; I haven't found nor seen anything confirmed on the tuning and overtuning of cars in the GTA V single player or multiplayer portion of GTA V.


This thread/Topic I have started here is to merely cover the questions asked by people/members that do care about this portion of car modifying and have not recieved specific answers.


So, is it posible to overtune your newly decorated ride? so far I have found that the answer is yes.

In fact I would go as far as to say I can confirm that you can overtune your ride BUT only certain kinds.


TURBO, EMS, TRANSMISSION <<>> Choose your mods wisely to get the right amount of acceleration without going over the bar in the stat menu. OVER means OVERTUNE>>bad handling, wheelspin etc.


I haven't had every car online yet but some of the ones I owned recently showed signs of definite overtuning, in the form of constant wheelspin and little traction down to a slidey tail in the corners.



Futo is naturally aspirated so DONT ADD A TURBO. just play with trans and ems. It is a better behaved car after this I promise.


Sultan comes with a turbo (some cars do) so DONT ADD a turbo unless its the only mod you will do. OVERKILL will ruin this awesome car so get a right balance of trans and ems or just a turbo mod.


This is what I have found so far and there is a few more different cars I haven't tested yet but this applies to all cars. Just be clever with the mods and you will save money too. You really don't need every top end mod.


As for the lesser powered vehicles then go ahead and add every top end bad boy mod there is AS LONGS as it does not exceed the accel bar.


I cannot continue as I am annoying my other half by writing this essay and not cooking.


TL;DR: Basically you can overtune, dont max out over the accel bar . Turbo is a must for under powered vehicles BUT not the mid and top end. Tune wisely and save money too. Your cars will be better.


Source: My opinion and testing for hours with the afforemetioned cars :)


Add some of your finds and tuning habits that make your car better so we can all have nice cars.

Let me know if you notice a difference too.

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From my experience, you really can't overtune anything in this game. Sure, if you add a turbo to a Futo you'll get some wheelspin, but it's only for a split second. The car is still easily controllable, nor does it ever spin out. Every mod in this game is "controlled" (n my opinion) meaning you can't upgrade a car to a point where it's not even driveable. For example, on Forza 4, you can add a turbo to an AE86 (the Futo) and you'll get ridiculous amounts of wheelspin to a point where it's uncontrollable. A car like the MKIV Supra wheelspins all through the first 3 gears. You can't do anything like this on GTA, plus the crazy traction control doesn't help when you actually try to "overtune" a car. Overtuned cars still feel underpowered, that's what I'm trying to say.

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You CAN overtune a car.

For example, you can't put a turbo on every car if your looking for optimal performance. Speed, yes. Personally, I have a stage 3 engine, race trans, NO exhaust, NO turbo on my Coquette and I convincingly beat fully modded, turbo'd Super cars since I can whip corners like a breeze. The modding system should be more complex though IMO.


I would like to know, why would R* only make mods affect acceleration and not speed? I want to actually make my car faster!

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warlord GTAV

yes it seems you can overtune I noticed once I only went to the stat bar was just full how much better the car handles and accelerates,especially the supercars if you tune them just enough and don't put comp suspension they handle a lot better

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Sometimes tuning it just under the top of the accel bar yields better results.


As for some cars, they already contain a turbo modification so adding a reduced lag turbo will just fuss things up when you need to get going.


It makes sense to people that have mastered the driving style in this game.


Kids that lose races because of spin outs; its because you just slap on the high end goods because you need to be cool.


Fact is, a cleverly tuned car in the right hands will always whoop a heavily modded car raced by children or people who take no time to 'tune' their rides and are trying to be better racers in general.

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warlord GTAV

ive set a time of 2.08 in the jester near franks personal garage streetrace try to beat it someone.

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This is an interesting point for me because i never paid any attention on how high the stats go. I personally did not add turbo to super cars with a nice engine sound because it ruined it, just to race style sports cars. But i dont think i would make a huge difference on handling (except for suspension). Dont forget that diffirent cars will react differently on costumization options.Anyway i will try to costumize my cars to not top the bars and see the diffences.

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It does seem like you can overtune cars in GTA V, but the driving mechanics keep it from being a real problem. You don't need to slam on the gas every time, and I think it's more fun when there's more wheelspin anyways. My fully modded Comet is my favorite right now, because she loves to shake her fat ass.

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Depends on what kind of racing you want to do. I like rally and i love to get my custom Blista on curvy roads so i need a lot of acceleration but no that top Speed.

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