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Does anyone think we should have these weapons?

The Lonesome Drifter

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The Lonesome Drifter

In my honest opinion (which means a lot) I'd say these are the 5 main weapons this game needs. Why? Read and find out ;)


Melee: Katana, It's a GTA classic and has been expected to make a return since release. Come on R* get your priorities straight.


Pistols: 44. magnum (Heavy Revolver ingame),it will add a variety to the pistols and finally give us a weapon as useful as the AP pistol (and in my case, the Heavy Pistol). A 6 round clip (8 with extended Cilinder) with the most damage in its class, capable of a 3 hit chest kill on level 100's and has much more range than the AP, but has the lowest ROF in its class.


Rifles: M16A4 (Burst Rifle), this 3 round burst gun can be the perfect long range widow maker for a sniper like player such as myself, with the highest range/accuracy in its class, and an identical damage stat as the carbine, this gun can dominate long range, but due to its burst fire nature will be much less effective than other rifles In close range.


Heavy: Stinger (Heatseeker RPG), the Buzzard has them, the Lazer has them, why not us? After all an RPG isn't the easiest weapon to use to take out pesky RocketspammingonPV's Buzzard Flyers when they are moving, and the miniguns range is highly limited. This is the perfect compromise, allow it to lock on and shoot at any helicopter within clear view within 0.30 miles, and guide the missile towards the Target by msintaining the lock (just like the Battlefield 4 Igla Launcher) for a effective way to kill air vehicles. However as balance this Launcher cannot be free fired like the standard RPG.


Heavy: Flamethrower, Why not? It's funny as he'll watching peds burn when a molotov cracks against their skulls. A gun that can do just that, but faster, is perfect in my book.


Leave your opinions here, and state any other weapons you would like to see, make sure you state why however ;)

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I totally agree with the M16A4, I'd take that gun any day to replace the Assault SMG-type rifle coming up.

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