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Where did my topic go?


Recommended Posts


Modder CIARAN is deleting my on topic posts. This needs to stop.

Well, Maybe if you stopped calling me a super douche and stopped spamming the online section,.I wouldn't have to delete your posts.


And this thread is for binned topicd, not posts.

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 1 month later...
Drill Sergeant

Where did funmw2 topic go? The title was SP DLC

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  • 2 weeks later...
Shake 'N Bake

Thread title: Typical teenage white Girl DLC (concept). Was located in the GTA online section. Deleted without warning or request to change something if it was offensive and broke forum rules. Just wanting to know who and why it was deleted. If possible I would like the ability to edit whatever was offensive if it was.

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  • 1 month later...
Sugar Free Nos

I was searching for an old thread I made where I detailed how garages in GTA O work, and I can't seem to find it.


I looked for it and it was no where to be found, and when I found a link to it in an old PM, it seems that I don't have permission to view it.





Wat did u checky fkin cnts do with it?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Sugar Free Nos

It was sent to the recycle bin, although I have no idea why.


Moved it to guides and strategies.

Thanks. Very much appreciated.


Now find whichever rascal did it and give them a stern talking to!

Edited by Sugar Free Nos
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Hello. Just trying to track this thread down, as it was a fun escape from the routine for many Snapmatic fans.

• Forum: GTA Online

• Title: Snapmatic Abstract Camera Obscura
• Link: no link available
• Purpose: to showcase in-game GTAO photographs of an artistic nature.
• Justification: a somewhat popular thread for creative, like-minded members to share in-game content of a more artistic nature. The thread not only generated a unique discussion relevant to GTAO, but art as well. It also let players to seek out new in-game locations and look at the artwork of the game, differently, if effort to share on this forum, developing user stickiness and participation.
• Request: re-establish the thread back into the GTA Online forum culture, so users, like myself, can continue to generate dialogue and share interesting images from GTAO.

Thank you for your consideration. :)

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  • 4 weeks later...


Curious as to why a thread I created disappeared almost as fast as I posted it.

It was removed so quickly, there was no possible way the person who removed could have actually read the content.
In my opinion, it was removed arbitrarily based on the title:

[GTAO] The Official Donut Appreciation Thread

How does one justify a GTAO thread about donuts?

Let me explain:


First off, the discussion was not unworthy, as right now I'm looking at threads like "Rockstar Appreciation Thread," "Van DLC (concept)", "Show your nicest sunset," all topics that have no relevance to the actual game or game content - yet they remain.

Second, the thread was placed in the Online section, so it wasn't misplaced. It was absolutely not disruptive and did not violate any forum rule. It was designed to engage and promote discussion, levity, and immersion into the game. Not what I'd call, "problematic."

So, why donuts?

Because in my adventures of GTAO, I've found it both humorous and odd with which the frequency that donuts appear in the game. NPCs carrying them about, randomly lying on the ground, signs with donuts on them, and of course, players making creative "donuts" with their vehicles.

My effort was intended to further promote this forum, generate a fresh, unique discussion, and provide an original photo share opportunity for forum members to have yet another creative way to hopefully engage one another and be motivated to explore areas of the game not previously considered.

As with most of my threads, my effort is to engage other players to promote creative immersion into the game experience we all enjoy.

If that is "against the rules" or "problematic," then perhaps I'm at the wrong forum site.

We've all seen a lot worse on this site that just floats by; it surprises me that a thread about donuts would cause such drama.

Rest easy & play hard! Cheers!


Though Malcolm didn't have much money, donut was surprised in his expensive taste in footwear.

Edited by fw3
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"Rockstar Appreciation Thread,"

FYI, That thread is more about what Rockstar has done with GTAO rather than Rockstar in general that people appreciate. Which is relevant to the section it's in.


You would have known this if you read the original post of it. I can't stop people from appreciating other games made by Rockstar, but the sole purpose of that thread is to appreciate things Rockstar did with Grand Theft Auto Online. Example given: The monthly updates that provide new content, and address issues whereas other games are left to rot for months, even never get to see a patch.


As for The Sunset, it's basically the same as your own thread. Showing content from the game as a photo with a certain subject.

Edited by Franceska
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[b]Thread link:[/b] N/A
[b]Thread Title:[/b] So the Cheval Marshall...
[b]Thread justification:[/b]


Well first, my topic was deleted not locked. But I saved a screencap of it. Anyway, I want to know why it was deleted as no explanation was provided. It was a rant about a new GTA V car. I don't know why it was deleted, I wanted to see if others agreed with me.


Now if it was deleted because there's a pinned topic where people discuss the new exclusive content, then that should have been stated as a reply to my topic.


If possible, I would like my topic to return. I'm willing to accept a locked topic but I am disappointed that it was deleted. So if the judge agrees with my defense, feel free to bring back the topic and lock it, so that at least others are able to see I made a topic which was locked and then perhaps, they won't make the same topic. Do you get what I mean? Plus I don't want freedom of speech restricted on this forum and I know that's an issue this place has sometimes.




10/29 edit: Ok. As for a resolution, I will state that I also don't mind if my topic wasn't returned to the forum BUT that I would expect to least have my post added onto the pinned topic. That's the bare minimum and I think it is a reasonable solution should it be decided that my topic is not going to reappear.


Should none of my two offers above (either bringing the topic back and locking it or adding the content of the topic as a post onto the pinned topic) be accepted, then I truly feel the people who run this place have no idea what they're doing. Because as far as I know, what I said in the topic (sans the cuss words) contained nothing wrong or out of the guidelines.

Edited by pokemon4ever
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  • 2 weeks later...

Well I'm glad to see there is a support group for this as I just feel victim to this same situation. My topic didn't get locked, it got removed.


Thankfully, I respect the opinion of others... keyword, opinion.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm guessing it's got something to do with the fact that the next-gen V has not been released yet. What do you expect people to post in it? Leaked images? That's not allowed and we definitely don't want people to use your topic as an excuse to post leaked stuff.


You can start a new topic for it after the game has been release on next gen.

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I'm guessing it's got something to do with the fact that the next-gen V has not been released yet. What do you expect people to post in it? Leaked images? That's not allowed and we definitely don't want people to use your topic as an excuse to post leaked stuff.


You can start a new topic for it after the game has been release on next gen.


But it's already available for NZ players to play it LEGALLY (digital version)... so I guess that wouldn't be a problem with Rockstar... just guessing here..

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There is a plethora of leaked material out there, so right now we can't distinguish what was obtained legally. On the forums we normally say the game is "officially" out after midnight UTC, which is less than 12 hours away, so if we wait that little bit longer we can start to allow media to be shared properly.

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  • 4 weeks later...

why did my topic get locked http://gtaforums.com/topic/694806-the-map-is-the-worst-thing-to-happen-to-gta-v/





i worked hard on explaining my points and made sure there was no confusion. alot of people agreed and alot of people disagreed but it got them discussing the topic. many valid points were raised on both sides.


the issue presented in the topic is not brought up anywhere else other than my topic for it. new members will see it and comment and when the dlc is released, if it opens up a new map area or doesnt, people will want to discuss it in the future.

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Az locked it a few days ago following a report.


It had been unlocked (I don't know who by) and bumped with off topic posts so I re-locked it because we have a new map thread now: http://gtaforums.com/topic/753496-why-rockstar-should-not-get-away-with-the-map-layout/


A new map thread.... are you kidding me. I understand there was several off topic posts but this is completely shafting me. Of the 40+ pages there are atleast 30 great ones that are full of great posts from different members. People may not believe me but i worked very hard with my research and diagrams of the maps. If it was someone else the thread would have gotten merged with the older one.

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