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Garfield 2

Cars that you remember from your childhood

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Yeah, I'm fairly young, so don't flame.


Although, my dad used to work at a pretty large company, so when his work vehicle was being serviced, he would borrow this. Amazing car. Fast. Stylish.


The rims made me think that was a Jetta upon first glance.

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It's not the exact one he drove, but it's pretty close.

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One of my relatives had an Impreza VERY similar to this one:


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What, a 22B? Super rare.

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What, a 22B? Super rare.


That's what I remembered it as but turns out it wasn't the widebody coupe



Edited by ARCTICvnc

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When I was little, around five or six, my mother had just gotten her license, and got a deal on a Chevy Lumina, which was a beautiful maroon color. It got wrecked by a drunk driver, and it pretty much out my mother off of driving for a while. Around the same time, my grandmother had a Pontiac Tran Sport, one of the Vans that looked like a wedge that she wanted to trade in, and had her eye on a Chevy Venture. After she traded in and bought it, she took my mother and us four kids out for a drive and as we were turning around because my grandmother forgot her wallet at the dealership, she got rear ended by someone who wasn't paying attention to the road. Put her off driving for a long time, too. My mother also had a friend who had a black Cadillac DeVille that just looked the business. That car had the softest ride of anything I've ever ridden in. Aside from that, I don't remember much car wise from my childhood.

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nick rynearson

My mother did owned a white 1997 Buick Century buick-century-white-3.jpg

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I remember how here in Croatia,some very old cars were still common by the late 90s and even early 2000s.Some of those I remember were old VW Beetle, Citroën 2CV and DS, Renault 4, Fiat 126 and some others.By the mid 2000s they were almost completely replaced by newer cars,and are now rare to see on the street.

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When I was a little, my daddy owned a fiat uno.


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The land yatch! so sexy, so american and luxurious for the wealthy show off man.


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They where everywhere during the 90's, especially taxis.

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My dad used to own a 1996 Ford Mondeo Hatch in dark blue, kinda like this one:


(turns out there's not many good pictures of this car in blue)

It's not a common car in Brazil, I only know 3 people in my town who own one (one of them owns the Mondeo that belonged to my dad), so it draws some attention where it goes. He bought it in 2000 sold what was left of the car (long story) to a friend around 2010, he swapped the engine with an Escorts' and the car is used until this day.

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I still remembered fondly what cars my parents used to own, so I started from the first car I can remember:


Daihatsu Feroza




My parents bought it before I was born. The green color is a bit lighter than the one in the spoiler, and it's a base model. Parents had to sell it since our old house was on fire and the car was used as a down payment for the new house.


Ford Laser




Not owned by my parents as it was a company car, but it was always there during my childhood. Exact blue color (although the rims were different), this car was the first car that my family had brand new back in 1996.


Mitsubishi Magna




Parents' car back when we moved to Australia in 1999 for my mom's master degree. The beige was paler than the one in the picture, and ours didn't have hubcaps. Parents regretted that they bought this one, but at least it can carry us to the beach every weekend.


Fiat Uno




We owned this one at some point. It was the exact gray, and I think it was our first car when we came back from Australia because we were broke AF.


Opel Optima




Basically a sedan version of the Astra. Had the exact color and trim piece, but dad eventually changed the rims to BBS one to made it more Euro, which it does. One of the car that I truly missed.


Nissan Terrano




My favorite out of the bunch, and always be. Beefy SUV with powerful roar of an engine always made me squeal back in the day. Had the exact green color minus the roof rack and color coded trim pieces, this is the only cars that I'm deepy regret that it's gone. It was the car that I learned driving stick with, and it was the only thing that made me and my dad bonded together. Wish my dad kept his word to keep it as my own car when I got my license, but money was tight back then and the car drinks a lot of gas.


Honda Jazz




My parents bought it because they need a second daily and the Terrano sure drank a lot (we sold the optima for this). Literally the exact color and trim from the picture. I also learned stick shift with this car as well.

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My parents had two Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer's (not actual pictures, obviously), a '92 in Oxford White:




and a '96 in Electric Red Metallic:




The '92 was a solid truck from what I can remember, but the '96 had quite a few electrical problems, as well as poor fit and finish and paint quality causing my parents to trade it off rather quickly.

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Captain Railfan
Posted (edited)

I remember cars from my childhood.

Those cars i remember are:

VW Caddy from 1995.

VW Golf MK1 {lot of them}

Lot of VW Sharans {i know theres no love for that car}

Mercedes W123.

Zastava Yugo

Citroen AX

Fiat Uno {both generations}

Zastava 101


Renault 4

Edited by AlbanyEsperanto

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