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Cars that you remember from your childhood

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So, I thought to myself, when I was a little kid, what was happening in terms of the cars in our environment? I'm listing these as far back as I can remember.


1998 more or less:


- Granny had a cream white Wartburg 1.3


An identical one as a matter of fact. It was a 1991.


Mom had the 1998 Daewoo Tico, which I have posted a review of in the Video Reviews topic.


Once again, identical as the one in the picture.



My dad's brother had a 1989 BMW 525i (E34) Manual in Red.


He had the BBS alloys on his though.


He then switched to a 1991 E32 735i in Brokatrot.


This one is an actual pic and no, that's not me in the pic, it's his son.

He had the black reg plate on it first though.



And that's really as much as I can remember, folks.



What about you?

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My parents bought a red Peugeot 405 as the first family car when I was born. I still remember it from photos and I think they kept it until the early 90s. Funnily enough I saw one when I took my mum out for dinner today and she remembers it fondly. As for the other cars it'd be a bitch to dig up photos off google images so i'll just list the ones I remember off the top of my head. My dad liked cars and they changed them every year or so.



- Ford Capri (car my dad had when my parents started dating, then replaced it with a more family friendly Peugeot 405 when i was born)

- Vauxhall Frontera

- BMW 7 Series E32

- Mercedes S-Class W126

- Rolls Royce Silver Spur II



- Suzuki Swift

- Toyota MR2 2nd Gen (in yellow as well)

- Mazda MX5 (in red)

- Ford KA (mum thought it was cute)

- Jaguar XJ (X308)


I'll add more as I remember or when I get the chance to ask my parents/sift through old family photos. That'd be fun actually, scanning some old family car photos and posting them here.


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The only 2 cars I really think about as a kid are my mom's 2 cars.


The first one was a brown 1981 Toyota Starlet. Looked like this, but brown:



The second is a light blue 1989 Hyundai Excel. That car was a piece of garbage. Like this, but light blue:


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I used to see this exact car quite a lot. I remember seeing some other Citroen CX that had eventually disappeared.




^ Like I've mentioned, I used to see this exact one where I live. It used to park near my house.


I also remember that the Lada Nivas used to be relatively common until few years ago. Well, maybe not that few ago; time flies...




I remember the Galloper but due to its commercial that for some reason scared me.




And well, my dad's VW GTI Mk2 3 door.




To be honest, back in the day I didn't like that car too much. The radio had been stolen (there was some black plastic cover instead) so it was quite boring to travel on it and I didn't either like how it smelled inside. Now, however, I wish we still had it :bored:


Basically those are the first that come to my mind when thinking about the cars back then. I also remember, barely, some small Suzuki truck my dad used at work. Might be because some picture I had of myself with the truck, though.

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This is the car we had when i was born (I am the kid at the wheel :lol:)





Then my parents bought this car:

-Volvo 850 2.4L 168 bhp


Funny thing about the car:

It's license plate was from Madrid (I still remember it M-8494-ST) and I lived in Barcelona which meant many drivers behaved like assholes since they thought we were from Madrid.


The car was similar to this one (Not my picture)





We had the car until a Ford Transit van crashed into my parents Volvo. The van was racing another van and crashed into my father that was waiting at a red light. The Volvo's chasis was damaged so we decided to buy another car...



VOLVO S70 2.4 170bhp


This car is still with us today it sucks balls... Since my dad left our house years ago and i am the only one that can drive (My sister and mother can't) we use this piece of sh*t as a family car.



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mid 80s... 126p. And that‘s it. Beginning of the 90‘s was much better ;)

Signature soon.

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My dads 1976 Cadillac Seville we had in the early 90's. With the early 90's version of my dad behind it.


I've posted this car trillions of times but it has huge sentimental value so bear with me.

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Dreaming of California, where the sun never sets.

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The ones I remember the most:


1987 Ford Fiesta XR2



1988 Audi 90 Quattro 20v



1990 Ford Sierra Saphire Cosworth



1993 BMW 320i Saloon


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My mom's very first car was a Renault Nevada,
No power steering and it's heavy weight made it drive like a tank...
Random picture from google.

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Gnocchi Flip Flops



I remember my parents having a blue one of these from 2000 to 2006.

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My father used to have a black '84 Ford F150 with yellow rims (odd, I know), and a beige interior. It was all rusty, various pieces were missing from the grille, and the radio signal was always static, but boy was she an amazing truck.


He crushed it and traded it for a Volkswagen Jetta in '09. I cried when I saw the remains of it in photos, lol.




(not the actual truck)

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One vehicle from the 90s that really stands out for me is the Rocsta, but only because my mom had one :)


It looked exactly like this one:




I would say that THE most memorable car from my childhood was the VW Citi Golf which was only sold in South Africa I believe. The original Citi Golf was initially only available in these 3 colours for the first few years in the 1980s.... (I will never forget these lol)




The Citi Golf was extremely popular all over South Africa for many, many years.


Here are some of the ads haha








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The cars from my childhood are mostly pretty funny. Some cool ones in there tho. I probably forgot some too.

None of the pictures are mine! But I have tried to get the right color and year as close as possible.


Hillman Imp, my dad had 2 of these in the 70s around when I was born. He loved them. (for some reason??)




Mk IV Cortina. My father hated this car, it was always broken and he still says its one of the worst cars he has ever owned.




Triumph Dolomite Sprint

We had this in 1980, and I remember it because the night my brother was born, my dad (pissed out off his face) ran over the telephone box on his way to phone the hospital. Also it was awesome.




There were a few of these too, one about '81 and one at around '85. The glorious Mini Metro!





First non-british car I remember - Subaru Wagon '86/'87ish





Then briefly around '89 it was ALFA 33 time!




Before we got a Renault 11




That was written off, and replaced with our first new car purchase, '92 K reg Renault Clio




And probably the last car from the years of my youth. The TR7 my dad bought around 1993, and also the car I learned to drive in....

The brilliant Triumph TR7


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Harwood Butch3r

I remember my grandparents' 1992 maroon Subaru Liberty wagon. They used to take me to school in it whenever I stayed with them.

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Our Family car from 2007 to 2011

Peugeot 306

(Actual pic)


Family car until 2007

Yugo 45 AX

(Not actual pic but same color)


Our family car now:

Skoda Fabia

(Actual pic)


And my grandpa's car from 2007-

(The picture was taken while it was being restored)


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When we moved to the states, this was the first car(Chevy Cavalier) we bought. We got it pretty cheap from a friend. I have some fond memories of it and some not so good ones, like during one Halloween when we got t-boned by a van and I lost a few teeth. (LMAO) It was similar to this pic except it had different rims and no spoiler.




My dad's work vehicle, an Astro. He borrowed it from his boss and used it to drive to work and back. My favorite memory of it was, on one summer day when we put my bike in the back and I went went him to work in the early morning. At that time, he worked on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. So I just rode the bike on the boardwalk for a while and hung out with him. I know I took my bike a few times to the boardwalk but I can only remember this relation to the vehicle in one memory. It was similar to this pic except the paint was all red.





We bought a new Camry in '98. It was an great car and quite comfortable to ride in but unfortunately we sold it when we moved again. It was identical to the one in the pic, we also tinted the rear windows. One memory I have of it is when we were at a stoplight and I saw a guy having lunch at table outside a restaurant(it was actually our restaurant). I was in the backseat and looked at him and started to make a bunch of faces. I thought he couldn't see me because of the tint but he stopped eating and just stared at me. Oh sh*t mode was activated.

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ALOT of vehicles bring back memories from my childhood. Here are a few.


The car I was brought home from the hospital in and was the family car for a few years when I was really young




The Main family truckster and the car my dad commuted to work with. 40 miles one way getting 14 MPG. I miss the 90s.




My mom drove in this for a while




Then got one of these



We also had an LTD similar to this one. Didn't drive it much though



We had One of these C/Ks in rusted out condition behind the barn (What A shame)



My uncle had one of these my dad would borrow it on occasion. Fun car especially for a kid.




Here are the vehicles my dad used to remove snow from our driveway. 1/2 mile long driveway plus occasional 20 foot snow drifts meant a lot of work.


One of these with a plow attachment






Kind of like this but don't remember the model exactly



Some other vehicles we had around.


Not exactly like this. A little more recent but almost the same this is the best pic I could find.





3 or 4 of these at any given time



Two of these (But A little bit older)







And not to forget my first vehicle ;) looked almost exactly like this minus the roll cage but it had the big tires and everything


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Dodge Aries K wagon.

My mom had one of these when I was very young, it was a magnet for other cars (it got hit all the time), somehow, this car could not be killed, and it went through some sh*t, let me tell you.


On a very similar note...



Plymouth Reliant K.

My sister had one of these, with extremely low miles and in about the best shape I've seen one in.

It was a gift, but she wanted "something better" and she's a c*nt, so she just drove it into the ground and never changed her fluids so the thing died before it even hit 50k.


My cool sister on the other hand...




AE86 Corolla.

Hers looked a lot like this, but she still had her center caps.

First 5-speed I've ever driven in and the first manual transmission car I've ever driven myself.

I was in love with this car long before I ever heard of a drift or Initial-D.

So much fun.




1983 Chevy C10 Custom-Deluxe. (ours was a long-bed though, looks better)

My dads work truck for the longest time, put a ton of miles on that 250ci I6, that engine was bulletproof.

Basically my first vehicle once he bought a new work truck.




1979 Suburban Scottsdale. (mine was light blue with a black side stripe)

I aquired this from my mom after she got a new car, I was surprised at how light this thing was for it's size.

That 350 actually made it jump pretty well.

Fun vehicle, I chopped the roof off and put a roll-up canvas on the top before I got rid of it.

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The first car my father owned, and one on which I was originally learning to drive stick, back when I was something like 10, was this monstrous child of Soviet automotive industry. ZAZ-968M "Zaporozhets"



(Random picture from the internet.)


Despite looking like it crawled its way out of 60s, it was actually manufactured in the very early 90s. 45HP air cooled engine was located in the back. The popular joke was that the trunk is in front, because at these speeds, you have to keep an eye on your things. Despite that, the vehicle actually managed to get to 65mph on the open road. Though, at that point, it would start to vibrate in an ominous way, so normal "cruise" speed for it was about 60. But it was fantastic at dealing with Russian roads. Or what passes for Russian roads. Or hell, who needs roads if you have one of these? Short base and high suspension meant it could go where few other cars can. And while the engine wasn't all that powerful, the first gear was really low. Add to that the differential that never quite worked right, and the engine sitting right over the driving rear wheels, and you've got yourself a proper off-road vehicle. We've pulled out more than one stuck Jeep with this thing.

Prior to filing a bug against any of my code, please consider this response to common concerns.

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Dodge Aries K wagon.

My mom had one of these when I was very young, it was a magnet for other cars (it got hit all the time), somehow, this car could not be killed, and it went through some sh*t, let me tell you.

Well, K cars saved Chrysler after all.

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Back when I was in elementary school, I remember these as the most common vehicles for kids to get dropped off in:


Chevy Astro:



Dodge Caravan:



Chevy Suburban:


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The Toyota Previa was one of the forst cars I remember my mom and dad owning. Same clour as in the pic. i dont know when it was sold, but I think it might have been in 1998 or so.. We had it so my baby carriage.



Then my mom had a Volvo V40 I belive it might have been a 2.0 Turbo or a T4.. My brother baught it later on.



At the sime time my dad had a Volvo S90 which he baught brand new in 1998 I think it was.

My brother took it for a drive and rolled when he was 17 or 18, he didn't had a license at the time. Now he is 32 and still don't care for taking the license.



When my mom sold the V40 she baught a Renault Megane, I still remember the day she picked me up at daycare when she baught it!



Then we had a V70 T5




Then when my parents company went bankruptsy and our economy went down so mom sold her Megane for a Volvo 245



Then they got divorced and my dad baught a white 245





Then we have my grandparents old car, the Saab 900SE that grandpa baught new in 1995.. In 2005 when he died he wanted my mom to have it so she got it then gave it to me in 2012.. Just so I could roll it..

To much sentimental value in this car, you gotta understand how tough it was for me to see it like this...




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Back when i was 13 my dad bought this car...



Very fast indeed... He sold it a year later i don't know why.



Before i was born, my dad used to race. He was an amateur Rally Driver here is a pic of his old car



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Before i was born, my dad used to race. He was an amateur Rally Driver here is a pic of his old car




that's amazing. it was in Spain?

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Before i was born, my dad used to race. He was an amateur Rally Driver here is a pic of his old car




that's amazing. it was in Spain?



Yes it was. I am going to get my licence plate app for my phone and i am going to check my dad's licence plate when was it registered. (B-8519-EM)


EDIT: January 1981

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Not actual cars

Corolla Wagon



Corsa/Tecel 4dr


Not a daily driver. Beetle



Boring Corolla



My Favorite: Tercel :colgate:

fun little car

Still runs like a charm.



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t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m

I remember when I was seven or eight, I was waiting in the car in the parking lot while my Grandma was shopping inside. A few minutes go by and this tiny car drives into the parking lot - a black or red(can't remember) MG Midget. It parks a few spaces away from me. To seal the deal, an actual midget steps out of the drivers seat, complete with the thick midget mustache, and casually walks in to the store.



My mom drove a red 1985 Honda Civic around that time. I remember liking the large window on the back of it.



My Grandpa had a blue Dodge van from the late-70s. I remember the interior was torn to sh*t, and it didn't even have the passenger seat. Didn't have any trippy van art, but I remember it having neat little windows on the rear sides.


(Only pic close enough that I could find.)


Also we had 2 acres with about 15 old junker cars scattered on it that had broken down over the years. Three Oldsmobiles from the mid-1990s, a BMW 2000, a Pontiac Phoenix, and some old trucks from the 1960s to 1980s. I never went near them because they were always taken over by wasps and hornets.

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I the 90's young guys who liked cars ususally bought this:










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