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Pistol whip, tips or tricks


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For the large majority of free aim players they done hate a pistol whip. I am on the fence about how i feel about pistol whipping.. I dont instigate a pistol whip. I am playing to better my aiming skills. That being said many times I do get pistol whiped. Then when i try to play their game I find my self in a wierd world of luck or fluke . I can not pin down the actual mechanics of how to win a pistol whip or what is actually taking place, outside of spamming the punch button and just hoping it'll work.


any help

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Perhaps its like Halo where the one with the least amount of health will lose?



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Solid Scorpion

I like to use my weapon even in close quarters. A load of times I've had my char pistol whip almost automatically.

For me I think it's mostly either luck or clumbsy fingers.


I think hitting the weapon button even a fraction of a second earlier than the aim button will whip instead of shoot.

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i like to shoot if i can to . What im asking if we were forced to just use pistol whip what is the mechanics of it beside us out here in the forum just guessing what it is .

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I pistol whip store clerks. I always feel bad for Apu and Sanjay when I shoot all around them but never land a shot. I like them to have a cool story to tell their huge families.


Aim down the sight, get right up close to him and pull the trigger. Instead of murder juices to clean up, a nice quick knock out.

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