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Looking for Partners in Crime (Heists)


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Are you good and do you play a lot? Not to sound arrogant, but this game is a huge part of my life and I consider myself to be a rather proficient player (play about 12 hours a day, free aim). Well, I am recruiting a heist team. Do you want to be a part of the crew? Post below to sign up! PS3 please and say if you want a specific role. Thanks!

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Sounds good! What time do you come on mostly?

All the time from around 7 am to 1-2 am with occasional breaks during the day. I live East Coast USA.

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Bump anyone else? I think we'll need a coordinator, hacker, driver, and gunner at the least.

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I can drive really well, ^^

Interested in Joining the crew.

Tell me Moore...

I'm rnk 120

Driving is my sh*t,

I can def make clean getaways.

Send me an invite and ill show you sometime

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OK cool looks like we have a crew coming together. Yea, I play quite a bit right now and probably more after the update's out.


I'll put myself down as a planner given that I have a lot of free time to do research.


Planners: LPGTAO


Drivers: Odyseous2040



What roles do other ppl want? Message me with the word heist in the subject line so we can start playing together. Thanks!

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