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FIXING things bugs/cheats/glitch


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i think GTA5 still bssy with getting more money, any thing you can cheat with to get money they pull it of... (normal) (they hope you donate, i would but)


Fix this first:

apartment glitch (they can kill you in your apartment)

banking: money getting lost.

Cars standing in you garage destroit, and wen you Phone the insurence nobody will answere because it's not there only wen you call the mecanic (joe on the spot)then you wil see that it is there


shooting issue (i really hate this)

some time's i hit 2 or 3 time's a headshot still the target wont dy because they have glitched there rank up

no auto aim for me for weeks now this sucks

if i blow up a car i pay for it (no matter what)

people walking around with auto aim sniper rifle WTF

if some1 kills my car 7 out of 10 i will pay the price for it


underneed the car park they glitch in...

same for


inside the bridge close to los santos customs

inside the bridge close to the airport

flying underneed the map (getting in from the hear dresser close to the beach)



this is just my oppinion get the tanks away. if i like to screw with tanks i go and play world of tanks...





@rockstar: i think more will think the same

Untill this is fixed i will never donate think about that ;)



Goodday all


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