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Just wanted to say hello


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Hello from the UK, as a long time GTA fan I thought id join the forum.

I like all the GTA series but I still play GTAlll and ViceCity the most, the hold a special place and I never get bored of them.

One question I recently downloaded the staem version of GTAlll and it works fine but I have a colour issue some the cars especially the taxis are too dark in colour is there a fix for this ? or is it a glitch of the download game and I have to live with it?

I have the original pc disks but I mislayed them at the moment, I also have the PS2 version, which I still play when the mood takes me.

Anyway its good to be here :)

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And Hello from Vietnam. i am also fan of III Era games. but i play San Andreas and IV most and sorry but i don't know about your problem because i didn't purchased anything from steam. :)

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Hi and welcome. We have a topic for questions, here - http://gtaforums.com/topic/483511-have-a-question-v2/


Enjoy your stay.


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