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Socialclub won't let me edit crew


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Hi everyone, I ran into a bit of trouble just about now.

Yesterday I created my first crew, I was just messing around a little bit, you know, just trial and error, get a close look at all the options available and so on. So today, I wanted to REALLY make a crew, so I left my first crew and it was immediately deleted, because it had zero members. So far so good.

Today I created the new crew, which by the way has the exact same name as the first one but a different tag name.

But now anytime I go into the Manage Crew menu, it won't let me save any changes. I haven't set my crew category yet (which would be Elite) and I want to change the emblem (naturally) I can change all these things and I am also able to use all the other options, however as soon as I hit Save Crew a message pops up, saying 'An error occured. Please try again later'.

Does anyone know what's up with this? Btw, my email account is verified, the name of the new crew being exactly the same as the old one wasn't an issue and everything worked just fine yesterday. I could change whatever I wanted and save as many times as I liked.

Thanks in advance!

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