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TXDWorkshop skin issue


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Alright, so basically I re-colored a skin for the first time. (SFR1 - Cyan bandana > Yellow bandana) and it looked all good and stuff, when I modded it back in and replaced the original SFR1.txd...


But now here's the problem; I don't want it to replace the original SFR1 skin, but the T-Bone Mendez one. So when I tried to mod it onto T-Bone, it spassed out. When I tested it ingame, T-Bone had the shape of the SFR1 skin but he only had this "grey-like" color all over his body :S


What can I do to fix it?


Thanks in advance :)


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Skins for ped models in game have to be either 128x128, 256x256 or up to 1028x1028.


Do not compress these textures also make sure that the dff model is RW 3.6 (0x1803FFFF) (shown in Steve M's RWA) if all what I said is correct then there must be a problem with the dff. The texture and UVW mapping is lost.


Reply back to me, I can see if I can help.

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Indra's method didn't work :(


X-Seti, could you be a little more specific? I'm pretty sure I didn't stretch the picture or anything, all I did was re-color the cyan bandana :/

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