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battlefield 4 controller


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ive bought my second battlefield 4 controller for xbox 360 for gta.. similar to the first time i bought it the controller within a couple of days is doing this weird thing..


its like the brake button is stuck or has some kind of problem where it goes on and off on and off.. obv when out of the car it is constantly drawing the gun and zooming in and doing this over and over. i thought i had a fckd controller but bought a new one and its doing the same thing.. wtf could this be ,.. surely this is a common problem.


id really prefer to keep using the bf4 controller for gta,.. the analog sticks seem better the triggers are better, it has a proper dpad,.. everything seems better... so anyone know what this problem is,.. surely its a common issue.... any thoughts appreciated,.. cheers

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warlord GTAV

battlefield controller is garbage by the sounds of it..stop buying them.

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I use a wired 360 controller, no problems. By the sounds of that, BF4 controllers are sh*tty, and no one should buy them, AT ALL. Just buy a regular 360 controller, then your problem will be solved. Also, I've had the exact same problem with a mad catz controller before, so I know what you're talking about.

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controllers are far superior to a stock controller.. thats why i wanted it... but they both fckd up so its some kind of common problem.. i thought it might have something to do with the wheels on the back...


any other thoughts other than get rid of it,..

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any thoughts on these controllers...


i mean players must know about them, they are superior !


what could be going wrong.. could it be something to do with the buttons on the back of the controlller .,.. ??

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