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Rebels of Babylon MC seeking prospects


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Looking for a GTA online motorcycle club (PS3)? We are a pretty fresh crew looking for new members. First off I'd like to say we are all about making money and when not doing missions, just cruising around enjoying the ride. Just wanna build a brotherhood and make new friends. We don't go out causing trouble but if it comes to us, we will ruin that person's day. It's mostly just for fun. We are not as strict as other MCs, but there are a few rules that must be followed. When playing with crew members/wearing patch, must have domestic bike. If the situation requires something else or can't access bike at the moment, a domestic truck or muscle car is acceptable. No starting problems until the problem is brought to you, and in that case, alert MC and we'll make sure to end it no matter what we're up against. Listen to higher ranking members at all times to keep our operations tight and secure. No wearing patch/crew emblem until at least crew level 10. At that time it must be worn on the back of a leather jacket/black hoodie. We don't have a standard riding formation but it is required to ride in order of rank. Pres up front, then vice pres, e.t.c Other than that, just try to keep it tidy and give enough space ahead and to the side to avoid collisions upon stopping turning and so on. If at any time a member is attacked or threatened, the war is on and their clan will be added to the list of rivals we'll surely make and we will not let up on the instigator until he leaves or begs for mercy. If you're interested in a tight reliable crew that will always have your back and love bikes like we do send me a message on PSN, same name as on here. Mics are prefered but not required. Due to my busy work schedule, I'm not online as often as I'd like so I'm wanting good reliable people that can hold up a reputation and hold it down, even when higher ranking members aren't online. Thanks for your interest and we look forward to growing.

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