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Gang Life Recreation


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As we all know, this game lacks everything about East/South LA. The gangs and hood are there, the problem is it doesn't make any difference from driving in Vinewood Boulevard next to the Drag Queens. So this thread is just about any idea, tip or event that has happened to you that made you feel the real ghetto life. I'll start first

Realistic Drive-By

As Franklin, put the Families outfit of your choisse, if you finished the game, tie up that green rag around your face. Call Lamar, this should be done around 10 pm. Pick him up in a low income vehicle, never go in sport/ fancy vehicles as it kills the vibe. Put on West Coast radio and just start rolling by a rival gang hood. When you spot a group of three or more rival gang members, continue rolling by then this is it... time to activate Franklins special ability, it will set the whole event in slow motion. Equip your Uzi and start blasting on the fools. You'll get to notice how Lamar fingers the falling and confused gang members while your bullets pierce their bodies in a movie epic slow motion, just watching them get over scared of the shots not knowing where they come by is f*cking pure grade a epicness. You'll get to feel the pump you feel on gangster life movies when they perform drive-by.


(I don't know why or who deleted the thread, so I'm uploading it again, unless I receive an explanations why it can't be here.)

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