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Can't play my created games


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I have created about eight races and played each numerous times.


For the past month when I try to host my created races from the online section of the pause menu, I get "ALERT The Rockstar game services are unavailable right now. Please try again later.".

I can only play one of my created races from the freemode map placemarker. All others are not there.

When I go into the Creator beta and try to load my races, the only one that appears is that lone race that is on the freemode map.

On the Social Club, when I click on my races on my profile page, I get to a page that says, "Sorry! An error occured while processing you request. 07d528a2-38c3-4c44-bd7a-b01fb973cad5"

On the GTA Online tab of the Rockstar Social Club, when I search for my races I get no results.


I created a new race but it does not appear on the freemode map so I can't play any new created games.

I tried deleting the game data and installing the 1.11 update again but it did not work.

I've emailed Rockstar and posted on the support site but have not heard anything back. I was really enjoying creating until this. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Try unlinking your gamertag from Social Club on a computer. Then relink through your console. Clearing cache and reinstalling updates before relinking may help also. This fixed my similar issue.

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All races were published, only one is on the map.


I am on ps3. I unlinked my account on the site, but when I load the game up it just sits at the loading online screen. How do you link it back up? Can you clear cache on ps3?

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