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"Show Off" Trophy/Achievement Tip


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I just found a very easy way to complete "Show Off" in GTA Online. Start any race that has a stunt jump (Downtown Underground is good for this) and keep doing it as many times as you need. For some reason every jump counts towards the 50 specific jumps. The only thing is that the counter doesn't show so you'll have to find out how many you've done in the stats. Also you get a bonus 100RP every jump which is nice. Hope this helps anyone having trouble in singleplayer, I know how damn frustrating they can be :)

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Jeff Nesteruk

I just saw a video about yesterday, once I go back to the house that has my Xbox, I'm doing this

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Oh yeah just to clarify it has to be in a race too. Doing the same stunt jump in free mode only counts the first time.

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