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How Do You Like the APC (NOOSE Tank)?

Lethal Vaccine

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Lethal Vaccine

I have stopped playing GTA V for about 10 days now and bought Episodes from Liberty City. Got to 100% in TLaD and copied my friend's 100% save for TBoGT and been messing around and storing vehicles.


However, I tried the APC today for the first time and was kind of disappointed. It's very slow and it can't take much explosions....Reminds me of the Rhino Tank in V where if you have explosions under or near/around the Tank, it will smoke and then catch fire and blow up.


What do you guys think of it? Do you have fun with it?


P.S. - It's pretty cool, though, that you can call Henrique and he can deliver it to you, thus not having to store it and can store something else. It's also cool that you can get the F620, Bullet GT, and Turismo from him, too...Three nice cars I enjoy.

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I love how it deforms the cars. Once I had fun with it during a "convoy" drug war, shooting the enemy car that is indestructible until you access it, but deforms funnily without catching fire :D

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Lethal Vaccine

Yeah, I like using it to bash cars, too. I use it more to run into cars than I use it with the explosive rounds cannon it has on it.

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I loved the APC. I countered it's slow acceleration and speed by taking long run ups to roads with an incline. The results are spectacular if you manage to trap a vehicle between the APC and a solid object...



At the time the potential to cause the kind of damage you can inflict with the APC wasn't there in GTA4/TLAD, maybe with the exception of the swingset glitch. It's destructiveness, along with the new physics engine made it great fun just to see how badly you could wreck stuff. It was a great way to pass an hour or so on a rainy, uninspired night, plus I'm usually reserved when playing through SP. I'm only concerned about the story being told and I focus on that...it makes rampages that much sweeter when you've resisted the temptation for 10 - 20 hours of gameplay and finally let loose...

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I think it's funny vehicle in case you don't explode any cars near to it. :D Driving and messing around with it has became my habit every evening before I go to bed :D It should just be stronger.

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I loved it. The way it deforms cars and causes havoc is really fun and I like that I can spam-fire from the cannon. I dislike how quickly it can get damaged, but at least it's still better than Rhino in V.

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Lethal Vaccine

I loved it. The way it deforms cars and causes havoc is really fun and I like that I can spam-fire from the cannon. I dislike how quickly it can get damaged, but at least it's still better than Rhino in V.


You really think so? I mean, that it's better than the GTA V Rhino Tank? I swear to you, I've lasted 1 hour and 4 minutes inside the Rhino Tank at the Airport in GTA V. I mean, this is what I do after 100%. I just better my 5 star rampage times on the Train, in the Lazer, Tank, Attack Chopper, and Police Riot.


I haven't even got to 6 stars in the APC yet before it caught fire and blew up...I only can get to 5 stars, and like clockwork, it seems to catch fire right when I hit 5 stars. When I bought Episodes from Liberty City I was so happy to have a "tank" in GTA IV's map. Little did I know the APC would be complete sh*t and catch fire so soon.


I choose the Enforcer anyday over the APC. In fact, I have an Enforcer in IV, TLaD, and TBoGT. It's my favorite vehicle for police chases cuz it's bulletproof, similar to the Police Riot in V. In GTA IV, there is an exploit/glitch, that I am sure you know about, and if you don't know, you gotta do it! Anyways, you can turn ANY vehicle, even helicopters to BP, DP, and EP (Bulletproof, Damageproof, and Explosionproof). This is really fun using the Enforcer to drop grenades out of the vehicle on a bridge with many Police Cruisers around you, everyone and everything gets blown away, meanwhile your Enforcer stays in tact since it's EP. You can save up to 10 total vehicles in GTA IV and I proofed ALL 10 of my vehicles. Really like that glitch in that game. It's also SO easy to do and involves shooting a gun out the window while taking a girlfriend out on a date, and once the cutscene ends with the girlfriend leaving the car, the car becomes proofed. Just save it and now you got a BP/DP/EP vehicle...Can do it to all 10 vehicles, as well...

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