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Deaths are not realistc enough


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The deaths of NPCs are not realistic enough, it would be good if blood poured out of a hookers head like it did with Vladimir Glebov, And it would be good if the body fell apart after being shot at repeatedly.


Also you should be able to take hookers to altruist cult and be able to kill them in specialist ways that you can't do with other NPCs, and use 'by the book' methods like car battery on them.


Another deranged but interesting idea is instead of dead NPCs, hookers, cops disappearing after you kill them, the bodies re-spawn piled up in abandoned places like the old sprunk factory and abandoned apartments, adds realism to what happens to the dead in Liberty City & San Andreas.

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Keep your ripe-for-insane-asylum ideas in here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/681719-patch-upgrade-dlc-wishlist/

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