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Gta V Online Duplication Glitch (Unlimited Money)


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First you'll need the Eclipse Towers apartment which is 400k or less depending on your trade-in value. Second I recommend you use a Stretch which can be found near the bottom of the Sanandreasautocustoms site or whatever it's called, it cost about 30k but it's the closest Pegasus vehicle to the apartment. You will also need about 20k before you do the glitch so you can afford to get your car out of "MMS" and buy the "Rebel"


First step: Start an invite only session

Second step: Leave garage then pull up your phone and call Pegasus for a Stretch.

Third step: Park your Stretch on the left end side of the garage door, make sure the front tag is going through the garage.

Fourth step: Pick a car that would sell for the most in the glitch (I recommend the Coquette, it sells for 180k fully upgraded) then leave garage, if you did this correctly you should spawn on the side of the road.

Fifth step: Call MMS"Mors mutual" and if you see the car your in, in the list then you did this correctly if not, then you will have to start another invite only session and start again.

Sixth step: Drive to Los Santos Customs, doesn't matter which, don't enter the Garage door though.

Seventh step: Pull up your phone again, go to the cheap car site San andreas autos or something like that, Scroll down till you see the Karin Rebel, pay for it.

Eighth step: Call your Mechanic, and request the Karin Rebel or on the phone it'll say Rebel.

Ninth step: Once you see the Rebel appear on your map you may enter LS Customs and sell your vehicle.

After you sold it you may check your garage and realize you've just duplicated a car ^_^ If you would like to do it again just leave the session and start another invite only session again, then repeat the steps.

""" NOTICE """ THIS DOES WORK FOR V1.11 I do It a lot, I've gained millions of dollars and still haven't been banned just don't get 100 million you might get your money erased or banned.

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