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Firewalled PS3 w/ NAT 2 and connectivity issues - Port Fowarding requi


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So I have a hardware firewall protecting my home network and I typical choose a "Deny all by default, allow by exception" sort of strategy. After not playing GTA since implementing this firewall and having trouble downloading the updates to get to 1.11, I did a little research and opened all of the ports outlined here:






After opening those ports, I could download all the updates and get into GTA online. However, I noticed I kept getting bounced back to single player after playing for 10-15 minutes and things timing out.


So I decided to say screw it, moved my PS3 to a static IP and setup a rule that allows ALL traffic and services (TCP & UDP) to and from that specific IP through my firewall.


Good to go I guess, right? I now log in and managed to play for over an hour, but occasionally it wouldn't save my game (gave me a notification that it couldn't contact the servers). I found that if I joined another "mission" (usually race) and completed it, it would attempt to save again and then work.


However, little things like that seem to keep happening randomly. In addition, after exiting out of the voting screen, it can take a few minutes before dumping me out into the openworld GTA online portion. Also, I'm not sure if this is related, but my "Friends" option does not appear to be selectable, so I can't add people's screen names.


I thought I might need to forward specific ports so that external requests on specific ports ended up being redirected properly to my PS3, but I have not been able to find an official list of those ports other than people guessing in forums. I've seen people guess that I need to forward TCP 80 & 443, which I'm obviously not going to do. Does anyone have any official documentation on what exact ports need to be forwarded? Is this even necessary?!


I should also mention: My firewall is NOT uPnP capable, and I have since disabled it in my PS3. I am using my firewall for my primary DNS and Google's DNS for my secondary. My consistent Down/Up speeds are 57/10 and I have really low latency.

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I'm with 2 connectivity errors that i alredy tried everything to fix them, but no matter what, they keep appearing in my game! The errors are "Unknown network error" and "Time limit reached" HELP!

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