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Randomly glitching, floating and can't die


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so i was playing with my friend last night online and he sent a mugger after me, so i went back to my apartment, sat down in front of the tv found him i then called lamar to order the mugger, i switched back to the tv and clicked on his name, at which point i glitches out. i ended up flying about 30 feet above the intersection that he was out, he couldn't see me, i could turn 360 degrees and had full aim but couldn't move up down left or right. so after shooting at him naturally the police came, i eventually got to 5 stars and i would get the occasional hit marker on me but i wasn't dieing, the police and fbi cars would drive up park, glitch out and leave one officer and the helicopters would just keep circling and i would just snipe the pilot, only way i could get out of the glitch was to kill myself.

anyway has anyone had this before? i tried taking some photos on my snapamatic but when i checked none of them saved

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