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Serious Drivers: camera angles


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this is for the getaway drivers out there.


here's what i'm thinking...

I used to play a lot of Motorstorm- Pacific Rift. It's a racing game. You had two camera angles to toggle between with a button click; a rear view much like the 'behind-vehicle-close-up' option in GTA, and a front-of-vehicle cockpit perspective also like the one in GTA (no dashboard). It would also do a really cool zoom-in/zoom-out animation when toggling. What i'm getting at is that it'd be great to choose one behind-vehicle camera angle as a standard in the options menu and the Select button would act as a toggle between your standard angle and the cockpit view. Heavy or tight alleys: cockpit view, anything else: 3rd person.


The cinematic camera button is great and i don't want it replaced, but it's a little unpredictable for circumstances of consequence. My GTA fun would be up'd ten-fold if i select was a two-view toggle instead of the 4-view toggle. It makes for some crazy suspense and it's overall more immersive. Not a complaint thread. but maybe you've shared this idea or have a better one.



just discovered the 'blip' HUD option and it's a welcome change if you haven't tried. You learn your landmarks pretty quickly




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