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Missing car


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Hello everyone, I will share with you a glitch that happened to me in GTA Online, and show my disappointment with Rockstar Support. One day (I think it was 3 months ago) I was loafing around with a friend of mine in the Freemode, until we saw a train and we tought it would be funny to destroy it. So we chased it, he was with his Adder and I was with my 9F Cabrio, until we got near Los Santos Customs (the one in the east, of course), and the both of us parked our cars in the rail, my 9F on the front and his Adder on the back. When the train came, he jumped on the top of my 9F and shoot the train with the grenade launcher. The result was shocking (and funny) to both of us, because the train was destroyed, his Adder blew up and my 9F got upside down. Since I was too lazy, I blew my 9F and called Mors to request it back, but the operator said "All Mors Mutual operators are on call right now.", so I called my mechanic and next to my Cabrio was written "destroyed", so I called Mors again and I got the same answer. Hopping it was a simple glicth, I turned my console (360) off and went to sleep. When I played again the next week, nothing had changed, so I kept playing and eventually got a new house (before my house only had 2 slot in the garage, my new home had 10) and bought some cars. Since the bug was still there one month later, I sent a support ticket to Rockstar and wainted for an answer. They took three weeks to answer me and gave me the classic responses: turn your console off and on again (like I didn't do that on the past 2 months), turn the internet off and on again (!!!!!!!!!????????) etc. But one of them was quite peculiar: play the game on a different console. Since I don't have any friend that I can trust my account wiith, and there is no chance that I am buying another 360 just to try to fix a bug, I said to the support operator that I tried all the options he gave to me except for that one. His asnwer was exactly this one: " It is imperative that you try this game in a different console". I mean, seriously, what kind of support is Rockstar giving to the players? And it's funny that they have rushed so much to fix that money glitch, but this missing car glitch is around there since the Online option became available in GTA V (please notice that I have never used the money glitch). What is Rockstar priority? I really don't need that car, today I am a happy man with 5 cars (including an Adder, a 9F(not Cabrio) and an Elegy, all fully tunned to my unlocks), but it really bothers me that Rockstar didn't care a lot with this bug, since the "solutions" they gave to me are standards to almost all games (and never work). If you want to check my tickect, the support number is #2047919, my request is in portuguese, but all the responses are in english. Hope one day this glitch will be fixed.

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Wall of text.


It was probably uninsured.


Sometimes that happens its a bad glitch.


Check your garage regularly.

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Of course it was insured, I bought it on the internet, and from the past three months nothing changed in my garage.

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