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How much can you mess with rims ?


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I heard there were programs that allowed to mess around with vehicules a bit

( a friend showed me a video with a Vader with 4 exhaust pipes but the video was xBox footage, I wonder if you can do the same on PS3)



My question is: Can you use (VIA a save editor or any other program) "unique" stock rims on other vehicules than the one they are set as the stock ones?

Like say, use the Alpha's stock rims on any other car, etc...


My first goal would be to use the Voltic's stock rims on my Exemplar,

I know the rims exist in the sports category but they are just painted, not chrome/brushed metal as they are set to for the stock Voltic.

IMO these are most Aston Martin -like rims and I try to go for a neat look with my Exemplar so yea..


But ultimately, using really unique rims like the Alpha's or the Bullet's for example, could turn out quite interesting as far as car customisation goes.

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Hmmmm I don't really know, it could be possible if some modder intended to, but I don't think that's possible at the time.


I think that the max you can do right now is setting 2 different pairs of rims for the same car or placing car rims for bikes and viceversa.

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