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STR Racing & Car Meets (Read First Thread Post) PS4

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  • Lsoloman112


  • Mattinho666


  • TezST


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Welcome to the GTA Forums home of STR Racing (STRR).   Sponsored by PrestigeZone   Use code "STRR" for 10% off PrestigeZone products here: https://www.prestigezone.ca   We are a PS4 based GTA


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^ is this true? All that time getting a f*cking second character lol oh well new cars look great!


Yeah fair enough Ironicz it still looks good anyway well done :)


Bryan that's fine


Cool Robo u committed sausage :)


Iv created a new offroad corse for tonight to be used with sand kings some bits r difficult


If anyone doesn't have a sultan or futo that's fine but try n bring something similar

Edited by TezST
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If you don't have futo or saltan any drifting vehicle will do.....


And please don't invite people unless u ask me lemon or robo to confirm we no them to see if they can be trusted, or if you can say u 100% no that person won't play up then it will be ok, no offence jus don't want dicks getting in the way.

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nice pik bigkatt

i might come on in a bit, but might do sum work on that luxury vcar meet vid instead if i come i might invite my mate agen the guy i was wid last night that badboychris geeza lol dno if u sent him a crew invite or not? he kl doe we work 2geva

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AGREE! every 1 gonna be driving this for the first week watch lol & forget about the turismo for a while, does luk dope tho

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Big katt any news on ur plane thing u wana try or u working on it?

I'm going to need another day. Hats off to you because I didn't know how hard it is to create a race.

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What do people think about the crew emblems we have some good ones now. We need to decide which one looks best




Thanks. Everyone for coming tonight it was a great meet. Solomon the diving and the sports were wel funny proper good idea to spicy sausage things up. The underground went down wel I think. U shud of stayed for offroading it was 'the best one yet' lol :) was good as a gta race with the boosts n the grenades were wel funny hahahaha







Edited by TezST
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im gonna try make that 1 ^ without the sh*tty background lol be a challenge but ill giv it a go :) i think the 1s with outbackgrounds luk better in game


sorry i just left erlier mate got sum banging headahce

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Can I choose both?? Lol

I figured out my mic, I kinda feel stupid, lol, but I should be talkin for reals next time

Edited by bryantjames44
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Had a good time today, had to leave early, son called from Germany with some troubles but we shall see you guys again soon.

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