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Hi, I am writing a paper about game modding in the GTAgames. I have a couple questions, and I would be grateful if some of you would like to answer them! :)


  1. Do you make mods or do you only use mods made by other modders? And why is that so?
  2. What are your motivations to use mods?
  3. What are your motivations to create mods?
  4. Is the modification easy or is it limited by the design of the game?
  5. De you think that the producers wanted you to make modifications? To what extent is it possible for modders to make modifications.
  6. Do you think that the game is the result of co-creativity between the user and the producer?
  7. Do you have problems with the modification of certain aspects of the game? And what is the reason for this you think?



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Wow, you're in luck! We have a whole topic for questions.




We also have a pretty cool modding section.



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