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What Car Should I Choose In GTA-5 And The Ways To Get RP


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In Gta5 Online After I Rob The Store They Ask Me To Choose A Vehicle When I Take Something Cool They SAy Its A Premium Vehicle And Cannot Be Taken What Should I TAke Then And Any Suggestions And Ways To get RP

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Why Are You Typing Like This?

Get a fusilade or something that can get you to the nearest LS customs.

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Why Do People Type Like This? Sorry, but it's annoying and retarded. You're not writing the title, you're writing a sentence..


For a starter car, it depends on what you really want. In the long run, you may not even keep your first car. My suggestion would be to find a car that looks cool (but not high-end) and use it in the meantime. I had several cars in just my time as a level 2-4 until I found a Fusilade and kept it - it'll stay in my second character's garage forever.


The best cars, however, are: Sultan, Fusilade, Dominator and Oracle. These are fast and nice looking vehicles.

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