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Passive-Aggressive Mode


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Got this idea from my wife.


Employing this mode would prevent players from engaging the weapon wheel, while still allowing them to inflict damage on opponents through various stick maneuvers such as:


Sulking - Disorient opponents by remaining near them while looking away slightly, sad-faced and sighing constantly into your microphone.


Yes-Noing - Offer or agree to help opponents with missions or specific ventures then fail to follow-through. Consecutive use of this tactic will cause your opponent's head to explode.


Doubt-planting - Pre-determined mic comments such as "Oh, is that the car you're going to drive on this mission?" eventually cause the opponent's screen to freeze as they succumb to paralysis by over-analysis of your intentions.

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Could we add Wet Blanketing?

"Oh, we'll never finish this mission."
"There's just too many of them!"
"It's so far to drive."
"My mask is making my face sweat."
"Bullets are so expensive."
"My character really should nap before we go."
"I'm having a shellfish allergy reaction to the bull shark testosterone."

And so on. That would be great! ;)

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