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(XBOX) GTA V Production.last week in RECRUITING..


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Are you into making short films? Acting? Editing? Doing voice-over? if so, LYTZ Out SoCiety is recruiting for our major production.


Who's LoS?


LYTZ Out SoCiety is a online gaming society and indie production team, we've originated in RSV2 in 2011 and has been strong since. We our trying to break the field of originally being a gaming "clan" and out branch into the entire media and create "LoS Productions."



We're planning on making this as big as possible even though we are new to this, we have recruited numerous experienced people for this such as a Full Sail sound engineer college graduate, a co-writer who's film has been in Fantasia Film Festival in Canada, a few known radio, and commercial voice actors, and more! My team is fully motivated and committed to this production. This is a long and tedious process but it will pay off in the end.. once you're apart you can see everyone's persistence and their drive and dedication towards this to make it work.


Whats it about? and how it works?

We're doing a mature episodic series that will last around 9-10 minutes each. We are looking for ingame actors for alot of open roles in this. Ingame acting is one of many core roles that we have in this production so we tell you what to do, and we will put everything together. If you change you're gamertag, you will be credited for all your work with us.



What do i have to do to be in it?

Well all you have to do is meet the requirements listed below and be willing to work with us when we need you, we understand that you have a personal life and that comes first but if you're online and we need you for shooting then we expect you to join so we can record.


What are the requirements?

- you will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the Owner/Leader of LoS. this prevents your hard work from being stolen.

- must be mature and able to follow orders and execute them(do xyz, not abc).

- Must join LYTZ Out SoCiety, are community division, and change gamertag since you're apart of us, you will be representing us. but if you don't want to Change your name you don't have to we just won't acknowledge you. If you can't change it for money reasons then that's a different story and depending on your dedication and hard work we may offer to change it for you, but if you're holding on to it for your reasons then your more than welcome to keep it.


Do i get paid?

if you go above what your asked to do in our production then you may be able to receive compensation for your work especially if the production receives payment but is not guaranteed because we don't know the outcome of this.





Any other questions or concerns message.. gtag: LoS iNamiK or LoS MEMPHIS




[email protected]




Open roles remaining: 14 ingame male actors 3 female ingame actors*

6 African american Males

4 Hispanic/Latino Males

4 Caucasian Males

1 Caucasian Female

2 Hispanic/Latino Females



Other roles:

Co- Editor

VFX Editor

Stunt Coordinator

and more!

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