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Lost blimp please read


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Okay so I was having lots of online issues


I went to "restore system default settings" and of course it didnt fix the issues. However it changed my name and put an * in front of it


So, I made a new name on my playstation and just moved my save files to it, and made my new name the same as my gta name so as to better identify.


But I have since lost my ability to call/ use blimps!


Is there a way to "fix" my original name that I'm assumin still has the DLC connected?

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Detective Phelps

You should still have your old profile on your system, right?

If you do, then the DLC is on your system. You can transfer your purchased/downloaded DLC from one profile to another.

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I can help you if you're using a PS3 however, if you're on Xbox Live, the concept must be similar. So here it goes :

When you get the Blimp (assuming you got it from the Special Edition / Collectors Edition of the game or even Regular Pre-Ordered Versions)

They'll give you the code, which is for you to let the Playstation store/ Xbox Market, and so once you use the code on whatever ID account you're using, it'll be downloaded into your game files.

Once you purchased it, it'll be remembered, ONLY on your online ID. So since you restored your system, and it's gone... it is still remembered on your online account, and they don't need you to purchase it all again,

For a Playstation Account, First you would have to use the account which you used when you purchased the Bonus Packs (Blimp)

Once you're Signed in, go to the playstation network > Account Management > Transaction Management > Download List = And there you go. You can re-download everything you have downloaded before, without having to Pay the price again.

For better in-depth details, here's a link https://support.us.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/488/~/redownload-playstation-store-content-on-ps3


Now if you're using Xbox Live, I'm sorry I can't help you but it should be similar.

Hope it helps ;)

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