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Your Character's Gait

98 in 1

Which character gaits would you pick?  

37 members have voted

  1. 1. Male Character

  2. 2. Female Character

    • Michael
    • Trevor
    • Franklin
    • Stripper
    • Default Male
    • Default Female

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Something I've always noticed but never really paid much attention to is the fact that all the multiplayer characters have the same gait (i.e the way they walk, run, and stand) according to their gender. All males carry themselves in the same exact way, same for the females.


My question to you is, if you could select one of the trio's bearings for your multiplayer character, whose would you pick? Would you choose Franklin's swaggered*1 saunter, Trevor's lanky strides, or Michael's hunched amble? Alternatively, would you try and seduce your fellow players*2 with a stripper's sashay?


Me personally, I would choose Franklin's for my male because neither T or M's would fit my character, and I'm not too fond of the default one. For my female character I'd probably leave it as is.




*1(not yolosweg swagger)

*2(or have them challenge their own sexuality depending on your character's gender in relation to theirs)

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Definitely Franklin, if only we could have a body to match.

I think it'd be cool if we could quick select how they walk like with the different emotes now. So, I picked stripper gait because I think it'd be a cool idea.

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I really liked screwing around with this in SR3 but leaving it as is would be fine with me, maybe Trevor as an option for the dudes cause it looks hilarious.

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I knew this thread was doomed when you used a word more than half of the people here don't understand what it means. Even explaining it in the text doesn't help as most can barely make it through the title.

That being said, I don't mind the way my guy walks or runs and I always thought Michael looked like he had scoliosis or had a bad burrito.

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Male - Franklin

Female - Stripper


And thanks for the usage of gait, Ermac. Been a long time since I've seen someone use that on the internet.

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I like Michael's walking animation so I'd probably use that except for his jogging/running. Looks kinda whack. As for the female characters, it's perfect the way it is. Just pull your right stick down while walking and enjoy the way that ass moves



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Franklin for sure.


But good luck getting them to put it in game, their out here sellin wolf tickets with this whole GTA online thing.

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