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[PS3] Sport Bike Crew Recruitment - The Cobalt Moon Pack


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-The Cobalt Moon Pack-

To anyone interested! I just created a new crew whose intentions are to be nothing below badass. There are only a few requirements to join but they're all VERY easy to meet. Comply and you'll be allowed in the pack. Let's start with the most important thing: I am the Alpha. Vailen Dersate. I have final say in every decision, HOWEVER, that does not mean I'm not flexible or willing to listen to a suggestion or complaint. The aim of The Pack is to cruise the city and country making as much noise as possible and basically being attention whores. We will not fight other players unless provoked, fired upon, or unless that person has a bounty. We have the right to murder whoever kills a pack member without hesitation. This is where a very important rule comes in. Most would be fine killing the person and letting them go, but my rule is to one-up them. If they kill you once, kill them twice. Two to three. Three to four. Four to five... You get the point.

But don't forget that our main objective is just hanging out. Motorcycle meets. No choppers, only sport bikes. No killing pack members unless stated and no destroying members vehicles. Any violation of these rules will result in a warning, then onto a second, and the third will be a boot from The Pack. Any questions? Drop a comment below and I'll reply to anything asked.



- Vailen Dersate


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