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Has anyone "downgraded" to a 6-car apartment?


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The lifestyles of the rich and famous thing is getting played out. Everyone has the same boring interior. I'm digging the real feel of the 6-car apartments and wondering if anyone else has downgraded and can give some inspiration on whether or not it is a good idea. Did you miss the extra 4 cars eventually? Miss the view outside?


(Yes, I know I "need" a heist room but I don't see that ever being an issue).


Here's my second character's pad. I'm diggin' it. Feels more real.



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Friendly Lava Lamp

I recently did on my second character. I started playing Online the second day it came out (first day i was able to get online) and grinded to get the $400k apartment, Had a high end apartment ever since. Downgraded and sold all my cars and restarted for a more realistic game.

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I literally just went back to the 10-car apartment today.


I always had the 10-car apartment for my first character, so for my second I started with the 2-car for a while, then went up to a 6-car. The only thing I miss about the 6-car apartment is the interior and the location. The interior was really cozy, the bed and wardrobe was just a few steps away, there was always beer on the counter, and I could easily walk to the skate park, ammu-nation, clothing store, and barber shop.


But yeah, I had a field day buying and upgrading those 4 extra cars, hitting my bong, and checking out the nice city view. Plus I feel comfortable having a heist room for whenever that DLC is released.


I did it for the realism, but after all the missions I've done I think it's realistic that my character would be wealthy enough for afford all this high end stuff now.


Plus, my garage makes me proud:


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Nope. I want the sh*tty apartment, the ones that have the 2 car garages. But I'm not going to give up 8 cars for it. When they allow me to own seperate properties, I'll own one for the apartment sake, and a separate garage for my cars.

Heard an opp got killed, watch me do my dance.

Got a pocket full of bills, watch me do my dance.

I just popped a pill, watch me do my dance.

Hit that nigga with the steel watch that nigga dance.

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I downgraded to this






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yeah on my second character I got the apt near the beach with a six car garage just to switch up the scenery.

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