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GTA IV style free race. (please rate)


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So I made a GTA race that goes from the southern-most to the nothern-most points of the map. It has the run-up checkpoints onto the freeway system and then its a race to a checkpoint dead in the centre of the map, before the final half of the race to the finish line at the northern tip.


I made it available to all vehicles although I've found it more fun starting on a useless vehicle so you are forced to find something quicker.


Wanted levels are on and (due to the layout) if you die without getting to the halfway checkpoint you'll respawn right near the start.


I thought dragging the centre checkpoint away from the east and west major routes would be clever because it should draw all the racers back together and away from the highways before the final stretch.


I would appreciate if any of you can let me know how I can improve on this.


PS3: http://rsg.ms/1hQBya4

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I considered making Cannonball Run and Free Race as well but i found the game does not work because in a GTA race player start with all there weapons and will just kill each other which would not necessarily be bad but in GTA 5 races you always spawn back at the last checkpoint.


it would mostly work if you could limit players weapons like in a deathmatch game, but since that isnt a option a GTA free race doesnt work unless with friends.


However Free Races are in the game in the form of a Improptu Race, you can start on foot and hijack a car, and if you die you respawn nearby. But no one ever seems to accept improptu races let alone get a lobby of 16 willing people.

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