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Player Meetup (PS3)

H x R G

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If anybody would like to join me on GTA Online on PS3 then add me, my PSN is my username.

I'm a very mature player, I don't kill people for jacksh*t. I tend to do missions or go robbing stores and when i'm not doing that I tend to cruise around and sometimes invade the army base.

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Add me



Off roading, stunt jumps, stunt plane flying through the city, mission hopping, armored truck hunting, bounty hunting, tennis, golf, BMXing, etc.


I'll be on at around 11 EST

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Sword with no name

I'm Mexican and have a not-so-bad-accent-but-still-not-good-pronunciation but add me if you want to search things related to the chiliad mystery and other weird and interesting stuff, my psn name is Swordwithnoname, i also don't like speaking with people i don't know and don't like speaking like a maniac in front of the tv but...you still gonna have a good time. Maybe.

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