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Pistol Tricks [USEFUL]


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To all of you people who completely write off pistols, you might want to have a look at this easy and nice little trick to get a simple one shot kill with a pistol.

NOTE: You need to have auto-aim on for this to work.


1. Equip your pistol

2. Aim your pistol at a target, then, IMMEDIATELY move the right analog stick (RS) on Xbox 360 up a tiny bit.

3. Once you move the aim up a little, pull the trigger. Bam, target neutralized.

Note: This all has to be done within around one second.

Thanks for reading, any feedback would be appreciated.

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Cutter De Blanc

Nice enthusiasm, but this is in the wrong section, and kind of a common sense thing anyway. A headshot kills instantly and with auto-aim a headshot is easier to score. Sounds about right.

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I can do the same thing with my assault rifle, shotgun, smg, or yeah, pistol. Lol, it's basic knowledge, but glad your helping out the community I suppose with some tips.

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