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Posting Images/Adding to "My Media"

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Could somebody please explain how I can post images into forum posts? I have tried using standard JPEG/JPG formats and it says "extension not allowed on this website" or variations of that. I tried converting to PNG format with no luck.


Also, there is an option to select from "My Media" but I've searched around in an attempt to figure out how to add pictures and had no luck. Could somebody explain how I can actually get pictures into my posts? It's quite frustrating as this seems to be the only forum I can't get to work the way I want it to.... :sneaky:


Thanks guys!

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Hello, Raavi answered this in your question in the V section:




Raavi, on 30 Mar 2014 - 7:43 PM, said:



Upload your image(s) to an image hosting site, for example.





After it is uploaded copy paste the URL (note: it has to end with an imagine extension e.g .png, .jpg, .gif)




Hit the little tree symbol as shown above.




Click "Ok" and you can go ahead and post the image.



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You're welcome. :)


One other point that I should mention, images posted on the forum are not stored on the forum's server. They remain linked to the host account. This means that after posting here, if you delete the image from your account (tinypic, imgur etc) that image will no longer be visible on the forum.

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