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deathmatch / race rage quitting. or i sucked so why bother.


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This is perhaps the most annoying trend. Let's make a team or normal deathmatch that lasts 20+ min then quite when your losing. So the remaining players have too sit there. Or my other personal favorite that I love too hate is the lopsided 2 vs 1 deathmatch that the 2 person team leads then flees. Outside the spawn zone. I understand that it's a tactic too win but really it's 2 vs 1 or 5 vs 3. Grow a pair, and honestly are you that afraid. Kdr means nothing, stay in the match after all more rp/ money. Same statement for races make a 7 lap race finish it.


When you rage quit people will remember. Bad player lobbies suck but being ignored blocked sucks even more. I encourage more people too report/ block players that waste all of our time.

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