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Raihan Naufal Syauqi

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Raihan Naufal Syauqi


1. Vagos vs Army

2. Los Aztecas vs Grove

3. Grove vs Da Nang boys

4. Rifa vs Army

5. Grove vs Triads

6. Ballas vs Da Nang Boys

7. Vagos vs Triads

8. ect


- Grove: Gun 9mm, TEC-9

- Ballas: Gun 9 mm, UZI

- Vagos: Gun 9 mm, UZI

- Los Azcetas: Guns 9 mm, UZI

- Army: MP5

- Triads: Guns 9mm, Micro SMGUZI, AK-47

- Da Nang Boys: Guns 9 mm, UZI

- Rifa: Gun 9 mm





- Grove: Grove Street, Los Santos

- Ballas: Glen Park, Los Santos

- Vagos: East Beach, Los Santos

- Los Azcetas: El Corona, Los Santos

- Army: Restricted Area

- Triads: China Town, Middle of San Fierro

- Da Nang Boys: Easter Basin (Port), East San Fierro

- Rifa: Garcia, Middle of San Fierro


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What is this anyway? Are you going to make DYOM missions out of this? If yes, you could have at least mentioned it somewhere.

Edited by Boris The Vodka
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There are already 3 gang war threads!

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Huzaifa khan

Good topic bro but you need to add some more description and screenshots in your topic but anyway Good work :)

And my vote is to Grove vs Da Nang Boys :)

Edited by Huzaifa khan
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Seriously, we don't need any more Gang War topics.

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First of all, let me tell you something. f*ck those surrealistic Gang VS Army fights, if the police can't handle them it's a terrorist organization. So if you want to really do something, please make something like a Police raid on a gang or something.

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how about taxi & truck missions or pizza delivery or touching checkpoints or haircut & shaving missions or buy clothes missions, let me know

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