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Flashlight on Weapons ?


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(Yeah, i'm forget to add [Q] tag on the title... sorry)


Hi, sorry if i started the topic in the wrong section (well, i supposed this is the right one, but i'm not really sure... feel free to move this thread if this thread is in the wrong section mod :) )


So lately i started a project of converting weapons, and the model has optional model of flashlight.

And, since lately the flashlight feature weapon has been released on IV modding sites, I would like to add some flashlight feature in my weapon too but still don't know how.

I already know the converting basic, so i just want to ask about the flashlight only :)


I'm using Max 2010 with GIMS IV




Some SS of my mod progress just for optional information




Yup, that's GTA V Pump Shotgun :D





Thanks for the answer and replies :)
Sorry for my bad english :D

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Can you make gta v picador and cognoscenti Cabrio please :beerhat:


Sadly i can't convert any vehicle yet :cry:


Btw it's solved, thanks to BlazeGamingAU, you can locked or delete this thread Moderator :lol:

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