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Verdun - A Tactical WW1 Multiplayer Shooter


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Verdun is a WW1 Shooter that is inspired by the battle of Verdun in WW1 in 1916.

Its developed by 3 different Indie developers and is currently in beta stage.





Homepage: http://www.verdungame.com/

Steam Early Access: http://store.steampowered.com/app/242860/


- Factions: Germany/France

- Maps are based on historical locations
- there are 4-men-squads





OS - XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X 10.5.6 Leopard or greater
Processor - 2.4 GHz CPU or higher
Memory - 2 GB
Graphics - DirectX 9 video card and 128 MB VRAM
















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Holy sh*t. It's Indie, so there's actually a chance it will be good.

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PC as usual. Sony and MS need to get more of these games on PS4/XBO.

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Wasn't the PS4 supposed to support Indie games?

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Yeah, but it's up to indie devs to support the PS4. :p

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Really interesting, it was about time someone focused in WW1, or at least left the modern setting we are used to see lately.


I think they should add gas attacks with the hability to use gas mask.

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Hmm, if this was a singleplayer game I would be all about it. Though I am not too sure about the multiplayer side. It looks nice and I have been waiting for some accurate historical shooters but I don't think this is it. At least not in it's current state.


I am constantly waiting for that one shooter to just bring it all back and blow everyones mind.


I think I will keep waiting.


But at least someone made a WW1 shooter though. I give them credit for that.

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Wow iNero. You're on a roll lately.

This game has been on Steam for a while now. I've been planning to buy it since it reminds me a little of Red Orchestra 2.


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So does anyone play this game still ? I know it just came out on ps4 a couple of months ago. I want to buy it but i dont know how many people play online

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Well i bought the game on ps4 , but its been crashing recently. Its basically unplayable because of all the glitches. You guys think sony will reimburse me ? Like i cant play for more then 30 minutes without the game shutting down and crashing. It sucks badddddddd

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