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Please help with Russian language to help me find a Russian modder

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I used Bing translator for the reademe file and got:


Author: Turn 10 FM4

The author of the envelope in the GTA IV: Vlad_

The author handling: Kamaz43118


I think it means Vlad_ is responsible for the GTA IV version. The mod is

listed under his name.


I would like to get permission from one of them--probably Vlad_-- to dis-

tribute their mod: a GTA IV 1957 Chevrolet two door Bel Air (not the rusty or

hot rod coupe versions).



But I don't speak Russian. The only leads I have on their whereabouts are

the links included with the mod:





I sent this request to gtainside.com and got an Email recommending I try

gtamania.ru, which is in Russian. I tried putting a page of that in Bing

translator and managed to Email a request and haven't heard anything.


(I think vk.com/club8561569 is a Russian Facebook-type site. If you scroll

*way* down--it's one of those pages that keeps adding things as you scroll--it

has a brief post about the mod for 26 Dec 2012.)


Please help me contact Turn 10 FM4, Vlad_, or Kamaz43118--probably Vlad_-- to

ask permission to distribute their GTA IV mod--a 1957 Chevrolet two door Bel

Air--and give them credit. (I'd like permission to add original 1957 Chevy

colors when I distribute it, too.)


The 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air was the family car when I was a boy (it was kept

for decades) so I like to include it in my GTA walk-throughs and starter

packages (see the link at the bottom of my post).


Glen (glenster)

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Do you still need help?

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Yes please!


The ReadMe file says distribution exclusive to GtaMania.ru until Dec.30, 2012.

I guess that means it's okay for me to distribute it but of course I'd like to

ask for permission directly. I don't speak Russian and couldn't find him--if you

can, please let me know. I gave it the original '57 Chevy colors, cloud pattern

seat inserts, etc.

Edited by glenster

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