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1. This video has nothing to do with GTAO

2. This is posted in the wrong section


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This would work better if you found the location of the abduction with the monkeys in MP.

Make sure you are spawning in that location or as near as you can.


Have a friend online with a helicopter


Start the SP2MP glitch.


Load the mission and as soon as you see the ufo, pause the game, log back online and get your friend to invite you back.


1. You may get the monkeys online


2. You my get the beam online and or even Michael floating


3. You should get a fully coloured in UFO as you are not letting anything despawn, you are not double loading, your just going back directly online into the same area.


If your friend has a helicopter, you should be able to fly to the ufo.

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Jeez, I hate it when people always ask for likes and subscriptions. Whenever someone says that I dislike the video instantly. Damn attention whores.

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