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Help...huge character glitch/bug


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I was changing around crews, I got an invite, accepted it, it put me into another lobby as normal. My character spawned with weird looks. At first, my character was just a normal looking white guy with a black suit and black suit pants and dress shoes. Now I have weird face paint, dark skin, one pant leg is grey and the other is grey, brown, and beige striped, it scared the **** out of me at first. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a fix? I look like an idiot. I'm about to try joining another session.

I just looked at my screen again, now he's completely normal but wearing jeans instead of suit pants.

Oh, now he's normal. The **** is happening?

Woah. Jeans again, now the cuffs are weird colours.

Dark skin again, what is happening :panic:

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Any screenshots? Sounds weird


Nevermind, it's alright. He's back to normal and this thread should probably be deleted as I should have known that the problem would eventually go away, it's happened to others and they went back to normal.

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