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Another Garage Topic...


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So I looked at my garage today and noticed it is unbalanced.


As of now I have:

Canis Bodhi

Merryweather Mesa

Jimmy's Karin BeeJay XL

Declasse Rancher XL

custom BF Dunebuggy

Vapid Bullet

Declasse Vigero

Obey Tailgter

Karin sultan

Ubermacht Sentinel (cabrio)


I have way too many off-road trucks... Anybody care to help me decide on some new cars?

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Depends what you like. I like the Stanier, drive it more than my supers and sports

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Depends on what kind of vehicles you like. Try some sport classics like the Torando. Bikes are fun too I highly recommend the Bati 801 or the Double T, or if you like choppers the Hexer is nice I'm not to fond of the Daemon. If you got the money the newer vehicles are worth it. I would experiment with so!e of the vehicles you think you may like and then just choose the ones you like the most.

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You definitely need at least one super and a competent sports car. The Bullet just isn't going to cut it.

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I think i'll try out the Sanchez and maybe the Monroe...

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Say hello to your new garage:


1. Sandking XL

2. BF Bifta

3. Bati 801RR

4. Carbonizzare

5. Sultan RS

6. Adder

7. Dominator

8. Baller

9. Stinger (roofless)

10. Keep your favourite car from your current garage.

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