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helicopters dont short out anymore?


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anyone notice this? you can have black smoke coming out of the helicopter and the blades wont short out at all



yes, they still cut out, but it feels like they can take a hell of a lot more damage before that point comes

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Sorry to burst your bubble

*bursts bubble*

But they still cut out. (for me at least)

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Sir Michael

They still cut out. I almost crashed the Cargobob in American Exports after escaping those persistent Police Helicopters. ._.


Thick, black smoke is the point where the choppers begin to short out. Gray smoke is just a sign saying "one more bullet and you're f*cked bro."

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I was just in a lobby that kept spawning armored trucks and I was using Cargobobs to snag the trucks, and I can assure you, after enough bullets from the police all three Cargobobs I used were stalling and shorting out just as they normally would, making me search out a new one.

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even when i use a fresh one and start a liftoff.. the blades dare to choke..

also when shooting the merryweather pick up helicopter guy.. my heli is al ready near destruction

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