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Racing Blonde/World Record Still Obtainable


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With all of the glitches and cheated world record times it has seemed nearly impossible to obtain this at this stage in the game. I personally have clocked times less than a second from a world record only to have them smashed by an obviously bogus time.


I recently received a world record on criminal records. These are the exact steps I used.


1. Rockstar cloud servers MUST be down

2. Walk into a race (not sure if menu can be used)

3. Set time you're racing against as "friends best"

4. First lap or at finish should set world record


This won't be an actual record or affect the leaderboards. I have tried racing against "world record" or "personal best" under same conditions with no successes however this may not be crucial. I know this method is old news to some but there was speculation it was fixed recently. As of 1.11 it still works.

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