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Grand Theft Auto VI


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Clean version of map | Hamlin's borders

Peel County - a county in the Straton state, with its country seat in Hamlin. There's also two small towns - Rodham Park and Waterford. It is the second most populous county in the North America after Los Santos County, San Andreas. Peel County was created on 1831.

Hamlin - city settled in 1773, incorporated in 1837. Country seat of Peel County. His motto is: "Build large ideas. Small ideas are bullsh*t". City's population reaches around 2,7 milion people. Former metallurgical industry center, now is electrical machinery, machinery, chemical, processability and food centre.

Rodham Park - Hamlin's suburb. It is close to Douglas International Airport, major expressways, and rail transportation. Rodham Park is the hometown of former First Lady of United States of America.

Waterford - the next Hamlin' suburb. It is located in the north of Peel County. Incorporated in 1872. Waterford is the home of Northwest University.


Heads-Up Display



Minimap + health, armor and special skill bars - now is narrower and bars are vertical, not horizontal. Rest of elements are this same/similar like GTA V.

Vehicle and location info - scheme and colours are this same like V, but it uses new font.

Money, wanted level and ammo info - money info now is green, like GTA SA, rest of elements are this same like GTA V.


Mobile Phones


Each protagonist has own mobile phone. From left - Segeum GD70 (Drone), MSV-One (Facade Mobile) and Vano X-Veia (Drone). All functions make return from GTA V, but Snapmatic is replaced with normal Photo Mode and photos are uploaded on Pictour (GTA VI's equivalent for Snapmatic). Maximum limit for photos is 150.






After break in GTA V, resteurants make return as useful places. Player can eat burgers in Burger Shot, chicken dishes in Cluckin' Bell and pizzas in Pizza This...

Hot dog booths make return to GTA VI as interactive elements. They can be seen all around the Hamlin. Player can choose between normal american hot dog or Hamlin-style hot dog.

24/7 are only one type of useful convenience store in GTA VI. 24/7 shops can be robbed.






GTA VI offers 3 useful clothing stores. Each shop specializes in another clothes. R+N has good quality clothes with low price, Stemhead (aka Stemhead Hamlin) owns urban clothing, DidierSachs offers expensive and luxury designer clothes. Each protagonist has own clothes in each shop (like GTA V).

Interior furnishings

In GTA VI player can customize also protagonists' safehouses. Krapea offers a variety of things for houses, from furniture to lightings. All can buy via internet. New thing replaces old one.

Haircuts and makeups

There's two barber shops. First one is Herr Kutz, which offers classic haircuts and makeups. Second one is Bob Mulet, which offers original haircuts and makeups.

Weapon customization

Ammu-Nation offers different types of weapons and their modification. All options from GTA V makes return to GTA VI, but now there's bigger choice of weapon paintings. Besides player can buy painting in crew's colour or crew's emblem on his weapon.

Vehicle customization

Cars and bikes can be custom in Hamlin Performance & Tuning (HP&T). All options from GTA V makes return. Some new options are added like neons or nitrous.


Free-time Activities and Side Missions

  • Air Hockey**
  • Air Racing***
  • Arm Wrestling***
  • Bowfishing*
  • Bowling**
  • Cinema**
  • Collectibles*
  • Dancing*
  • Darts**
  • Drinking*
  • Firefighter*
  • Funfair*
  • Heists**
  • Paramedic*
  • Pool*
  • Snooker**
  • Strangers and Freaks*
  • Street Racing (bicycles)***
  • Street Racing (cars)**
  • Street Racing (motorcycles)**
  • Strip Clubs**
  • Taxi Driver*
  • Theatre**
  • TV**
  • Unique Jumps**
  • Video Games**
  • Vilginate* (only for Adrianne)
  • Water Racing***

* - singleplayer only

** - singleplayer and multiplayer

*** - multiplayer only



Adrianne Clarke

Age: 34.

Gender: Female.

Nationality: American.

Vehicles: Bravado Tahoma, Pegassi Vacca 5/2S (after mission And I Won...), player's choice.

Danny Thompson

Age: 29.

Gender: Male.

Nationality: African-American.

Vehicles: Maibatsu Penumbra, Benefactor Feltzer (after mission And I Won...), player's choice.

Wojciech Olszowski

Age: 41.

Gender: Male.

Nationality: Polish.

Vehicles: sh*tzu PCJ600, Pfister Comet (after mission And I Won...), player's choice.


Amarillos Hermanos

Type: Latin street gang.

Colors: Black and yellow.

Hamlin Syndicate

Type: Italian and Italian-American mafia.

Colors: Mainly black.

Gangster Practitioners

Type: African-American street gang.

Colors: Blue.

4S Hustlers

Type: African-American street gang.

Colors: Orange.

Vicio Gangsters

Type: Latin street gang.

Colors: Red.

Polish Mobsters

Type: Polish street gang.

Colors: Various (they've got dark grey, white and dark red cars).

Irish Crew

Type: Irish street gang.

Colors: Dark green.

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New Weapons


All weapons from GTA V [except Combat Pistol, SNS Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Carabine Rifle, Sniper Rife and Broken Bottle (they are replace with equivalent from "New Weapons" section)] and Pool Cue TLaD makes return to GTA VI.


Compacts and Coupes
Annis Akira
Bollokan Prairie
Cheval Surge
Dinka Blista
Dinka Blista Coupe

Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio*

Enus Tempter
Juclan Scibe

Karin Dilettante
Karin Futo

Lampadati Felon GT
Maibatsu Penumbra
Ubermacht Sentinel
Ubermacht Sentinel XS
Ubermacht Zion

Vapid Uranus

Sedans and Station Wagons
Albany Emperor
Albany Emperor (beater)
Albany Presidente
Albany Washington
Annis Pinnacle

Benefactor Ravane
Benefactor Schafter

BF Lavade

BF Lavade 2
BF Leveche
Bravado Buffalo
Bravado Buffalo 2
Bravado Feroci

Bravado Lakeroad
Bravado Iridium
Bravado Oceanic

Bravado Tahoma
Cheval Surge
Declasse Asea
Declasse Merit
Declasse Merit 2
Declasse Premier
Dinka Blista Sedan
Dinka Chavos
Dinka Chavos 2
Emperor Lokus
Emperor Lokus 2

Enus Cognoscenti

Enus Super Diamond*

Enus Stafford*
Fathom Magneta
Imponte DF8-90
Karin Asterope
Karin Sultan
Lampadati Felon

Lampadati Furgone
Maibatsu Vincent
Matsuda Trinite

Obey Crossbreed
Obey Tailgater
Ocelot Jackal

Pfister Voiture
Schyster PMP600
Ubermacht Oracle

Ubermacht Oracle 2
Ubermacht Slighter
Vapid Canon
Vapid Kuruma

Vapid Stanier
Veasis Haccan
Vulcar Ingot

Vulcar Viro

Willard Marbelle (beater)
Willard Solair
Zirconium Stratum

SUVs and Pick-Ups
Albany Cavalcade
Albany Cavalcade 2
Annis Tripper

Benefactor Coloso
Benefactor Dubsta
Benefactor Serrano
Bollokan Bolger
Bravado Bison
Bravado Gresley
Canis Seminole

Canis Traveler
Declasse Granger
Dinka Fenton
Dundreary Landstalker

Emperor Cartel
Emperor Habanero
Fathom FQ 2
Gallivanter Baller
Gallivanter Baller 2
Gallivanter Ceuta
Mammoth Patriot
Matsuda Minage
Obey Rocoto
Ubermacht Rebla
Vapid Radius
Vapid Sadler
Vapid Seeker

Vans and MPVs

Bravado Caphelle
Bravado Newsvan
Bravado Youga
Brute Pony
Brute Postal Van
Declasse Burrito
Declasse Burrito 2
Declasse Moonbeam
Dinka Perennial
Vapid Minivan
Vapid Speedo

Muscle and Vintage Cars

Albany Buccaneer

Albany Buccaneer (beater)

Classqiue Stallion (beater, coupe only)
Declasse Sabre Turbo
Declasse Vigero
Imponte Phoenix
Imponte Ruiner

Invetero Coquette 2Q*

Nuffild Arachnid*
Vapid Dominator
Willard Faction

Willard Faction (beater)

Sports and Supercars
Annis Elegy RH8*

Beaufort Morton MF1*
Benefactor Feltzer*
Benefactor Surano*
Bravado Banshee
Coil Voltic*

Dewbauchee Cyclone GT*

Dewbauchee Furore GT*

Dewbauchee Massacro
Dewbauchee Rapid GT

Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio V8*

Enus Cognoscenti Coupe V8*
Grotti Carbonizzare*

Grotti Cheetah*

Grotti Destriero
Hijak Khamelion*
Invetero Coquette

Lampadati Felon GTR*
Obey 9F

Obey 9F Cabrio*
Ocelot F620
Overflod Entity XF*
Pegassi Infernus*
Pegassi Vacca*

Pegassi Vacca 5/2S

Pegassi Vista*
Pfister Comet
Truffade Adder*
Vapid Bullet*


Motorcycles and Bicycles




Dinka Akuma

Dinka Double T

Dinka Radon

LCC Hexer

Maibatsu Sakura

Pegassi Bati 801

Principe Faggio (IV variant)


sh*tzu PCJ 600

sh*tzu Vader

Western Bagger

Western Daemon

Emergency Vehicles
FIB Buffalo
FIB Granger
Fire Truck
Police Cruiser (Kuruma)
Police Cruiser (Seeker)
Police Cruiser (Stanier)
Police Maverick
Police Riot
Unmarked Cruiser

Public Service Vehicles
Brute Articulator
Brute Bus
Cupcake Van
Taxi (Dilettante)
Taxi (Stanier)
Tourist Trolley
Vapid Utility Van
Vapid Shuttle


Commercial and Industrial Vehicles

Albany Stretch (manufacturer fix for V Stretch)

Brute Boxville

Brute Postal Van

Brute Stockade


Jobuilt Hauler

Jobuilt Rubble

HVY Airtug

HVY Biff (flatbed version only)

HVY Mixer

HVY Ripley

Maibatsu Mule

MTL Flatbed

MTL Packer

Vapid Benson

Vapid Tow Truck (large version only)



Dinka Floater

Dinka Marquis

Fire Boat

Nagasaki Dinghy

Pegassi Speeder

Police Predator

Speedophile Seashark

sh*tzu Jetmax

sh*tzu Squalo

sh*tzu Tropic



Airplanes and Helicopters

Buckingham Luxor

Buckingham Maverick

Buckingham News Maverick

Buckingham Police Maverick

Buckingham Shamal


Jobuilt Mammatus

Jobuilt Velum

HVY Skylift

Maibatsu Frogger

Nagasaki Buzzard

Western Company Swift


*available only via Internet

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Hamlin Rock Radio

Classic Rock



Modern Electronica


Astro Radio

Ambient and Chillout


Radio Nation

Punk Rock, Chicago Hardcore


Polish Aversey

Ecletic Polish Music


Sunsplash FM

Reggae, Dub and Dancehall

Host: Jah Thomas







Demarco - Iron Bird (2011)











Linval Thompson - Gun Talk (1992)











Jah Thomas - Bicycle Skank (1978)




True-Star FM

Pop and 90's Dance


Latin Beats

Latin Music


Warehouse FM

Classic Chicago House and Hip-House


The City 107.1

Modern Rap


Soul Cafe FM

Soul and R&B


Midwest Classics

90's - early 00's Midwest Rap


Chariot Square Radio 97.3

Alternative Rock and Indie Rock


Funk Central

70's and 80's Funk


Hamlin Talk Broadcasting

Talk Radio


The Smooth 101.9

Smooth Jazz and Chicago-Style Dixieland Jazz



  • www.cityofhamlin.org - official website of Hamlin. All informations about Hamlin on one website.
  • www.pictour.com - watch the newest pics from people's life, pics with redhead girls, memes and scenes from famous american cartoons. You can also upload your own pics!
  • www.lazurecoastvehicles.com - exclusive cars & bikes for rich Hamlinans.


#1 The Hamlin Code

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Pooyan Cyrus

Good start as always. But I'm somewhat tired of your GTA:VI concepts which appear and get disappeared after a while :/

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It's all very pretty and well polished. The map is particularly impressive. I love the choice of smooth jazz for your theme tune.


I'll reserve my comments for when you update the actual gameplay elements. All I can say now is I hope you remedy the lack of older cars in your vehicle list. Nice work so far.

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Can you give us an overview of the story?

Overview of the story is already.

Edited by phoenixShine
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Customization & free-time activities info and vehicles list finished.

I'm currently working on radio stations

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  1. Radio stations' logos added.


Some visual changes.


"New Weapons" section added. Stay tune for returning weapons. Replaced with short info about returning weapons. It's simpler.


Edited by phoenixShine
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Nice weapon additions. But here's a word of advice. Change "Comebacking weapons" to "returning weapons"

Edited by gtamann123
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All I will Tell that a Drug Smuggling Cartel will Control Vice City.

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The premise looked good, but the script for the first mission seemed kinda weak. I'm not sure what specifically it is, though. It's probably the dialogue in the car and when Adrianne's getting fired. It seems to move too fast for me.


"I don't like this job.

"You're fired"

Edited by universetwisters


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Sounds good. Can't wait to see more. :)


twitter // instagram // #KB43VER


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This looks quite good. I quite like the Chicago based city but it needs more than just a city. I'm also not so keen on the 3 protagonist idea, I know R* used it on GTA V but I felt that the three character version creates a weak storyline, it is really hard to implement a well structured storyline with 3 protagonists, I would PERSONALLY stick with one protagonist. I really like this idea and you should definitely continue with it, I see a few flaws but that is due to biased opinions, I just had to mention the protagonist problem.

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The latin gang could be "Los Hermanos de Amarillo" that would make more sense.


I'm actually very happy that you included a female protagonist, that said it's a good concept thread.

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Please add a Drum and Bass radio station... but no Dubstep... and no Disco Polo on the PL radio... :p

"Let death take my enemies by surprise; let them go down alive to the grave, for evil finds lodging among them."

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Nice,.... I'm impressed

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Hmmm nice bike

Cool concept so far, I already recognize a part of the map that looks like my area :^: Some countryside and small towns outside of the city would be nice though, maybe a secondary Paleto-like town based on Aurora, which is quite crime ridden these days. Might I also suggest an oldies station with some non-funk 70s and 80s pop hits?

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  • 2 years later...

This is amazing! I love the radio logos; I could tell what genres they were just by the fonts and colors.

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I think I had a mini heart attack when I saw this in first in one of the forums, opened it and saw the logo... Thanks, KAMIKAZE! Also, nice bump, and amazing concept.

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