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MACHINIMA:Riders of the west coast voice acting


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First of all,many of you might know me as a DYOM designer (AND YES,the last season for the Tales of the Cobras is almost out,then i will make a walktrought) ,but i am also a machinima maker.Normaly this machinima was supose to take place in gta iv,using the simple native trailer for the schenes and then the video editor,but my cd got damaged and i am afraid i can't install the game.So i decided to use the new features of dyom to make one in GTA SA,now for the actual Machinima:

While i filmed,i got an idea ...i should start using actual voice actors,i had this idea many times,but finding voice actors you can both trust and have the correct voice and accent is a very very hard task. So i am asking if any of you wish to voice act for the machinima,i will list all voices i require bellow,if you want to voice act,let me know in the comments. Voice acting will be done trought youtube =P,as i have no way of knowing if any of your computers are infected,and i can simply use my sound recorder to get the audio from the video.

bellow are the voices i require (atleast for the first 3 episodes),converting from gta TLAD (Which would be much better) has just begun,so you got more then enough time to decide if you want to assist me:

a young mature female voice (preferred american accent)
a british man in his mid 30's that has a mature voice
a deep american male voice
a scotish,british (or walish) male in his 30's that has a farley mature voice


thanks in advance guys and if you want you want your youtube channel featured when the videos come out ,just let me know

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Double posting (a bump) doesn't do any good and isn't necessary if your unanswered post doesn't move off the page.

IF anyone was interested (s)he would have responded.

Don't do it again.


Please post all videos in the

San Andreas Theatre topic: http://gtaforums.com/topic/495109-san-andreas-theatre/

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add theatre link.
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