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I am looking for a Coder to code me my childhood hobby or say what ever you like xD and i shall pay for his / her work ( paying = donating in his page ).


The script i need is simple.


GTA: IV President Mod.


You become the President of GTA:IV. You get NOoSE , FIB , Police as bodyguards and you get a bullet proof , explosion proof ( God mode to be exact ) stretch where, when you set a way point , you will be seated in the Passenger seat of the God-modded Stretch,


Convoy details ( Please make sure i can edit it in .ini or something.. )


( Example : )


2 Police Bike , 4 Police Patrol , 5 FIB Buffalo , 2 Enforcer , some PMP in front and the same in the back and we are in the stretch in the middle and also an Ambulance and some more bikes behind along with some more police cruisers


Being as President you can also call for Airstrike , Military support etc



Hope you understand .




GP10 / David Mason

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That is cool, but I'm already seeing accidents all over the place. AI driving isn't very good to start with, let alone on a convoy.


But I will put that on my to do list.

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